Online Colleges Near You

Are you considering attending a state college but don't know where to begin? Our comprehensive state pages were designed specifically to help you find the best schools in your state that offer online programs. Each state page features a complete school listing that outlines tuition, popular degree programs, online and hybrid offerings, financial aid, and more. We also provide a student-centered guide to each state, including relevant scholarships, state exchange programs, and employment outlook and top employers for graduates in the region. These guides emphasize the importance of academic accreditation and only include accredited schools.

Why attend an online college in your state?

Attending an online college in your home state can have many benefits. Once again, we must emphasize that cost is a major factor; many students are eligible for lower tuition costs at in-state colleges, which can greatly reduce the cost of your education. What's more, students who attend college online in their home state do not need to pay for student housing, which can also reduce costs. Plus, they should be close enough to campus that they can make use of campus services and resources as needed. Finally, local and regional employers tend to favor alumni from accredited state schools, which can be helpful for students who want to begin their career in their home state.

In-state tuition costs

Many online programs offer lower tuition rates for in-state students. This can help reduce the price of your education and get more mileage out of your financial aid.

College services and facilities

Online students can choose to take advantage of campus facilities and resources at their local state school including gym activities, sporting events, career counselors, on-site tutors, and more.

Name recognition and affiliation

Local employers will recognize and respect graduates from a local state school. This name recognition and affiliation, along with a strong in-state alumni network, can go a long way towards finding local employment opportunities after graduation.

How to choose an online college

Online programs offer a variety of benefits for distance learners, including a lower overall cost and incredible flexibility. Since enrolling in an online program can allow you to earn a degree from anywhere in the world, you may be wondering why you should consider schools in your home state. In the end, it comes down to cost. Many online schools offer reduced tuition rates to in-state students, which can have a huge impact on how much it costs to earn your degree. You may also want to consider an in-state school if you are pursuing a hybrid program, which includes a mixture of both online and on-campus study. Other factors that you should consider when choosing an online college are your desired major or program, the method of course delivery (asynchronous vs. synchronous courses), and how much time it takes to earn a degree.