Top 24 Psychology Blogs of 2019

Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Many psychologists and psychology enthusiasts have blogs where they share discoveries, ideas, news, and opinions. These blogs can serve as a useful introduction to the field of psychology and as a way to stay current in the field regardless of where you live - Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Arizona, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada - does not make a difference. Aspiring psychologists, established professionals, and curious learners will all find something worthwhile on this list. Only recently active blogs were considered for inclusion.

Without further ado, in alphabetical order, here are our picks for the 24 most interesting and useful psychology related blogs of 2019:

A Politics & Moral Psychology Blog - Exploring political attitudes through moral psychology with a USC graduate student in social psychology.

Child Psychology Research Blog - Research based commentary on child psychology from a clinical child psychologist.

Commitment to Living - A family psychologist learns and teaches about suicide risk and prevention.

Experimental Theology - A research psychologist attempts to integrate theology with the experimental social sciences.

Idiolect - Thoughts and links on psychology and neuroscience from Dr. Tom Stafford at the University of Sheffield.

International Cognition and Culture Institute Blog - A collaborative blog on cognitive science, psychology and culture.

Jeromy Anglim's Blog - Psychology and statistics from a University of Melbourne psychologist.

Laura's Psychology Blog - One professor's observations of the world of psychology.

Milton Broome's Virtual Psychology - A blog on psychology, virtual worlds, skepticism and more from the avatar of Dr. Simon Bignell, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby.

Mind Hacks - Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what's going on inside your brain.

Mindreaders Dictionary - An evolutionary epistemologist's blog on learning how to "read between the lines" with greater comprehension.

Pop Psychology - Gender issues and popular culture from a psychologist's angle.

PsyBlog - Helping you understand your mind.

Society for Christian Psychology Blog - A collaborative blog by members of the Society for Christian Psychology seeking to understand how the Christian story and faith shape the understanding and practice of psychology.

The Hot Hand in Sports - Dr. Alan Reifman's blog on the psychology of winning and losing streaks in sports.

the Human Factors Blog - Human factors psychology (aka applied psychology) from Dr. Anne Collins McLaughlin and Dr. Richard Pak.

The Media Psychology Blog - The psychology of media, social media and emerging technologies from Dr. Pamela Rutledge.

The Mouse Trap - Interesting musings on all aspects of psychology and neuroscience.

The Situationist - A forum for scholars, students, lawyers, policymakers, and interested citizens to examine, discuss, and debate the effect of non-salient factors around and within us on law, policy, politics, policy theory, and our social, political, and economic institutions.

The Thoughtful Animal - A USC developmental psychology graduate student explores the psychological intersection between the environmental and the biological.

Thoughts of a Neo-Academic - Discussing technology, education and training research from the perspective of an academic industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologist.

World of Psychology - Blogging about all things mental health, psychology, psychiatry, behavior and emotions from the heart of Psych Central.

Your Morals Blog - A collaboration among seven social psychologists who study morality and politics.