20 Popular Degrees for 2019

For many working adults, attending college full-time is not an option because they must continue to work while simultaneously pursuing a degree. With more and more individuals unable to conform to the requirements of a traditional program on campus, many schools now offer online programs with more flexible schedules and customization options. This is making online study an increasingly popular alternative for working adults striving to reach their academic and professional goals.

Most working adults choose to pursue a degree program to advance or change their career, or even just to increase their value in their current workplace. And as the economy and job environment continues to recover from the last decade's recession, the most effective solution for job security is to look for a job opening or pursue training in a field with the most continued demand. Today, the most popular and best online degree programs are within business, healthcare, education, and engineering. These are the 10 most popular degrees for 2019.

Featured Online Programs

Note: All academic major information is from Georgetown University's The Economic Value of College Majors report. All job growth and salary information is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook.