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19 Best Online Colleges & Universities With Open Admissions of 2017

Getting into a top online college or university is a competitive process, whether it’s for an online or traditional, brick-and-mortar school. Using criteria like standardized test scores, prior GPA, recommendation letters, and character assessment, competitive admissions enables schools to be selective in assembling their student body, as well as practice quality control. Online classes demand a high level of peer interaction as part of the learning process, so accepting students with proven academic ability makes it more likely that the school can provide a better experience for everyone in the virtual classroom.

However, there are also definite upsides to having open admission colleges available to students. Even though open admission is not the norm, it does have its merits.

Some online schools offer open admissions — or open enrollment — which requires only a high school diploma or GED for admission. While it could be argued that open admissions can dilute the quality of the student body due to lack of selectivity, the upside is that it is more inclusive for many students who would otherwise be without access to a college education. Online open enrollment colleges can offer adult students the chance to overcome past challenges like learning disabilities, poor test scores, or an unsatisfying early college experience. Open admission colleges allow all students to have a second chance, and to pursue a brighter, more successful future for themselves and their families.

What Are The Best Online Colleges With Open Admission in 2017?

How We Developed Our Rankings of the Best Open Admission Online Colleges

We included only the highest quality schools on our list of the top online open enrollment colleges of 2017. While all these schools have open admissions, they are still being ranked on other standards. We developed our rankings based on the following criteria, all weighted equally at 25%: student satisfaction (as measured by graduation and retention rates), peer and instructional quality (as measured by acceptance rate and student-teacher ratio), affordability (as measured by tuition costs and availability of financial aid), and credibility (as measured by years of accreditation, reputation, and awards). All data was gathered from objective, independent sources like The National Center for Education Statistics and College Results Online, as well as from each school’s website and its respective representatives.

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