25 Best Online Colleges & Universities With Open Admissions of 2017

Online College & University Admissions

Getting into a top online college or university is not always easy. As with traditional brick-and-mortar schools, admissions at most online colleges and universities is a competitive process based upon several factors like standardized test scores (e.g. SAT, GRE), prior college or high school GPA, recommendation letter, personal character, and so on. Competitive admissions enables schools to be selective in determining the make up of their student body, ensuring some level of quality control. Because so many online classes involve a high level of online student-to-student interactions as part of the learning process, it is generally a better overall experience to interact with students who have proven a level of academic ability and commitment. That is why we take into account a college’s acceptance rate in our rankings of the best online schools.

Advantages of Open Admissions

Some online schools offer open admissions (also known as open enrollment) in which nothing more than a high school diploma or GED is required for a student to be admitted. While the downside of offering open admissions is the possible diluting of the quality of the student body due to the lack of selectivity, the upside is that it opens up the possibility of a college education for many people who would otherwise be excluded. Many very talented and committed students are unable to get into online schools with selective admissions because of past mistakes, learning challenges, or testing difficulties that fail to accurately reflect their true academic ability at the current time. Most adults seeking an online education have experienced a significant amount of personal and intellectual growth since high school or their early college experience. Online colleges with open admissions offer such students the chance to overcome the past and pursue a brighter, more successful future for themselves and their families.

How We Developed Our Rankings

The good news is that there are several quality online colleges and universities with open admissions. You can find the best of them here on our list of the top 25 online colleges and universities with open admissions of 2017. All of our rankings are developed based on the following criteria: student satisfaction (as measured by graduation and retention rates), peer and instructional quality (as measured by acceptance rate and student-teacher ratio), affordability (as measured by tuition costs and availability of financial aid), and credibility (as measured by years of accreditation, reputation and awards). Obviously for all of the schools in this list the acceptance rate is an identical 100%. All data was gathered from objective, independent sources like The National Center for Education Statistics and College Results Online, as well as from school websites and direct conversations with school representatives.

Best Online Colleges & Universities with Open Admission of 2017

#1. National University Online

#2. Walden University Online

#3. Florida National College Online

#4. Liberty University Online

#5. Sullivan University Online

#6. Herzing University Online

#7. Oklahoma Weslyan University Online

#8. Dickinson State University Online

#9. Granite State College Online

#10. Westwood College Online

#11. Darton College Online

#12. Bryant and Stratton College Online

#13. Salem International University Online

#14. Grand Canyon University Online

#15. Bellevue University Online

#16. Rasmussen College Online

#17. National American University Online

#18. City University of Seattle Online

#19. Argosy University Online

#20. University of Maryland University College Online

#21. Strayer University Online

#22. Kaplan University Online

#23. Capella University Online

#24. Baker College Online

#25. University of Phoenix Online

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