Top 25 Colleges & Universities Offering Free Online Classes and Lectures

Imagine being able to access a world-class education from the comfort of your own home and without spending a dime.  Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can now listen to free online lectures and take free online classes from some of the very best colleges and universities around the world.  More and more top colleges and universities are making video and audio materials available through their own websites, YouTube EDU, or iTunesU.

Take a course on Ancient Greek History or The Fundamentals of Physics from faculty at Yale University. Listen to an Oxford don lecture on Shakespeare. Ponder the meaning of justice with a Harvard professor. Whether you are a prospective student looking to get a peek inside the classroom of some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities, an international student wanting to practice your English listening skills, or just an intellectually curious individual seeking the pure joy of learning for its own sake, you will find what you are looking for in our list of the top 25 colleges and universities offering free online classes and lectures.

1. Cambridge University – A growing collection of free lectures, courses and university programs from the storied British university available on iTunes U.

2. Carnegie Mellon University – A number of free online lectures and courses available on CMU’s YouTube channel through this Pennsylvania school.

3. Columbia University – A selection of free online lectures from scholars and dignitaries around the globe available through the university’s multimedia page.

4. Cornell University – Free online lectures and course content made available through eCommons@Cornell.

5. Duke University – A variety of free online classes, lectures, panels, conversations and campus news features from the intellectual and cultural epicenter of the New South, North Carolina.

6. Emory University – Download free online courses, speeches, lectures, music, news and more on Emory’s iTunes U page.

7. Harvard University – The hallowed halls of Harvard now open to the public through YouTube. Free Harvard lectures, courses and performances available on iTunes U as well.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Hundreds of free lectures, courses, notes and exams in every subject available through MIT’s OpenCourseWare project. Additional video lectures available on the school’s YouTube channel.

9. Northwestern University – Free online classes, lectures, concerts, news and other university programs available on NU’s YouTube channel.

10. Open University – The United Kingdom’s “University of The Future” offers numerous free online courses and lectures on iTunes U.

11. Oxford University – Free public lectures, interviews, courses, forums from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

12. Penn State University – Free online lectures and a growing number of online courses available through Penn State’s iTunes U page.

13. Pepperdine University – “Discover. Learn. Go!” with free online lectures, performances and events available on California‘s Pepperdine’s iTunes U site.

14. Princeton University – Numerous free audio and video lectures and seminars from top scholars at Princeton and around the world going back to the late 1990’s.

15. Seton Hall University – Free online lectures and other university programs available on Seton Hall’s, in New Jersey, YouTube channel.

16. Stanford University – The first university to make free online courses and lectures available to the public through iTunes U continues to build on the tradition.

17. UCLA – A number of faculty research lectures available for free online viewing. Some course lectures are made accessible to the public though BruinCast as well.

18. University of California at Berkeley – Free lectures, classes and special events from the legendary hotbed of student activism and academic radicalism. Additional lectures available on iTunes U.

19. University of Chicago – Free online lectures, interviews, student films and performances available on UC’s iTunes U page.

20. University of Michigan – Free online lectures available on the Michigan’s UM’s iTunes U page.

21. University of Notre Dame – Free online lectures, courses and university programs available on ND’s YouTube channel.

22. University of Southern California – These free lectures, courses and panel discussions will give you a taste of the USC experience, minus the sunshine and cool ocean breeze.

23. University of Texas at Austin – University lecture series available online through UT’s School of Undergraduate Studies.

24. Vanderbilt University – Free lectures, news and concerts courtesy of Vandy’s YouTube channel. More free online content available through the school’s iTunes U page.

25. Yale University – Currently offering 25 different course online in everything from biomedical engineering to religious studies. Additional free lectures and programs can also be found on Yale’s  iTunes U site and YouTube channel.

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