West Virginia Wesleyan College – A Hidden Gem

One of my friends attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and when he heard that I run a site on the Best Colleges, he told me I had to write about his alma mater.

According to my friend, West Virginia Wesleyan College has the following benefits:

A top notch faculty that is student-centric.
Not only are the faculty members extremely well educated and smart, but they also teach the joy of learning. They encourage discovery while at the same time challenging you to think deeply.

A beautiful environment.
Anyone who has been to West Virginia has fallen in love with its mountains and wilderness.   Located deep in the heart of West Virginia, WVWC offers students a beautiful campus with classical brick buildings, plenty of trees, and adventures of any kind.

The chance to to explore ideas.
West Virginia Wesleyan College is the idyllic liberal arts school – not only are the class sizes small and the faculty attentive, but there is even funding available for dedicated students who want to attend academic conferences or pursue interesting lines of research.

According to my friend,  West Virginia Wesleyan is the perfect college for someone who loves learning, wants regular interaction with faculty and is a fan of the great outdoors.

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