Unigo:Social Networking and College Reviews

I just stumbled upon a website that looks pretty darn interesting and will definetly appeal to people who read this website. It is called Unigo.com.

Unigo appears to combing social networking, with the college selection process, including search, and user generated reviews. It looks like it could be a pretty helpful site if it gains transaction by college students and high schoolers alike.

Unigo is a new platform for college students to share reviews, photos, videos, documents, and more with students on their campus and across the country.

It’s also the best place for high school students to find out what life is really like at America’s colleges, and to make friends to help them find the school that’s right for them.

Unigo is the result of a nationwide grassroots movement to get the truth out about college life, and it’s growing bigger every day. Want to join?

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