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Top 49 Online Master’s in Healthcare Management Programs

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing areas of employment in the United States thanks to its constant evolving technologies and significant changes in healthcare policies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an expected growth of 17% by 2024. Growing industries need strong leadership if they are going to remain effective, and healtvihcare management is paramount to keep people safe and healthy.

It’s why you should consider getting your online master’s in healthcare management, especially if you are already working in the field. At the highest levels and with the right credentials, healthcare managers can make up to $160,000 annually.

What Are The Best Online Master’s in Healthcare Management Programs?

What Can You Do With an Online Healthcare Management Master’s Degree?

You can do nearly anything that involves the medical industry. The most obvious is hospital administration, everything from mid-level management all the way up to CEO. Beyond that, you can work as a consultant to various healthcare systems or go to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Government healthcare agencies are also always on the lookout for talent in maintaining the nation’s complicated system of care. Others find work managing care facilities like nursing homes, rehab centers, and other in-patient systems. Many of these positions can be entered into with a bachelor’s degree, but employers usually show a preference for someone with the drive to achieve the next level of their education.

What Makes a Good Master’s Program in Healthcare Management?

An online master’s in healthcare management will balance business with the specificity of healthcare. Most of them will expect a bachelor’s degree that includes some basic statistics and finance courses. Some, but not all, also require work experience in the field, organizational strategy, analyzing and responding to ethical issues, and understanding the economics of healthcare and practicing advanced finance and accounting within health systems.

The latter is why an online course is so beneficial. They let people expand their careers without putting work or families on the back burner. Many people who earn their master’s degree in healthcare management online are now entirely online and a synchronous, which lets you make your own schedule without having to skip a meeting or a soccer game. Some even offer virtual residencies, or will allow you to apply your coursework to your current employer. The best of them will have you preparing for or earning for certifications in the industry as your education progresses.

To determine the best online Master’s in Healthcare Management programs, we looked at the most important factors prospective students, mainly common predictors of future success and a school’s commitment to online programs. This boils down to admissions rate, student loan default rate, retention rate, graduation rate, and the percent of students enrolled in online classes. All data points are taken from information provided by colleges and universities to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Each factor is weighted evenly in order to give an objective view and determine the 49 best online Master’s in Healthcare Management programs. To calculate our rankings, we looked at a school’s ranking when organized by a single factor, and then averaged each category’s ranking to find an overall score: Admissions Rate (20%) + Default Rate (20%) + Retention Rate (20%) + Graduation Rate (20%) + Percent of Students Enrolled in Online Classes (20%) = Final score.