The Top 25 Online Business Management Degrees

Behind every sandwich, widget, emergency room visit, and day at the spa are professionals managing those services, ensuring everything goes according to plan. That vast network of business professionals makes earning an online degree in business management a safe bet.

Career options include working as a managing consultant or management analyst and helping companies streamline their organization as a helpful voice on the subject. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this field will grow 14 percent between now and 2024. Employees in the field currently command a median salary of $81,330. Human resource managers are also in demand as labor laws and workforces become more diverse and complex; they typically make about $60,000.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Business Management?

Someone with a bachelor’s degree in business management can often find work in the mid-level range as an account manager, overseeing supply chains and other logistics. Degree holders can also be found working as hospital administrators and training and coordinating sales staff.

The Benefits of Earning an Business Management Degree Online

Many online business classes are structured to be taken at a student’s convenience whether synchronous, in which members of a class and the instructor are scheduled to be online simultaneously, or asynchronous, in which materials are posted online and can be accessed at any time. Some programs allow those already employed in the financial industry to obtain college credit for past work experience. Online degrees also give students the chance to attend programs many states away.

Opting to complete a business management degree online allows students with full-time employment, children, military obligations, and other realities to maintain their personal commitments. With so much being offered in distance education, this is the best time to get an online business management degree and take steps up the ladder of success.

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