Top Online Real Estate Degree Programs for 2017

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Purchasing a home, an investment property or a new business property is not a simple process. Financing, pricing, insurance, filing for transfer of titles and ensuring the property is safe for occupancy are just a few of the aspects of buying and selling real estate. There are a range of professional positions within the real estate industry responsible for the completion of these various tasks. Positions include home appraisers and assessors, real estate brokers and sales agents and real estate inspectors. Careers in real estate require a specialized knowledge of the industry. Individuals pursuing a career in real estate should have a familiarity with the entire process and the roles of each professional in the process. This knowledge can be achieved by completing a degree program with a specialization in real estate and getting a degree from some of the top ranked colleges and universities.

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With employment opportunities within the field expected to rise, attaining a degree in real estate can prepare graduates for a career with a future and job security. Professionals who have completed courses or degree programs in the field of real estate are skilled and knowledgeable in the essential areas of the field and capable of successfully performing the associated tasks. Most individuals, businesses and companies prefer or even require a professional with a degree or certificate in the real estate field with the expectation that these individuals will be better equipped to serve their needs. And since all states have some type of licensing requirements for various professions within the real estate field, education can be a central condition or prerequisite. Online degree programs provide working individuals with an opportunity to complete their education without having to miss or quit work and sacrificing their other, equally important, responsibilities.

Below is a list of the top ranked online programs in real estate for 2017:

1. Kaplan University

As the real estate market rebounds, so may career opportunities for professionals with the right skills and training.* The real estate career focus area teaches the foundations of real estate, including sales, market analysis, finance, ethics, law, and more. Courses could help prepare you to sit for national real estate or broker license exams.

At Kaplan University, we understand why you’re going back to school. The outcome of your education is our most important concern. Kaplan University is an accredited, leading provider of online higher education. We offer more than 180 programs in a variety of fields. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to provide you with relevant skills to pursue your career and personal goals. Faculty members are experienced practitioners within their fields and focus on real-world, practical skills.

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2. Marylhurst University

Marylhurst University’s online MBA in Real Estate is designed to provide students with a complete business education. Our program provides a strong foundation that you’ll need for future success in your career.

– Achieve a solid understanding of current and **emerging business issues** and trends
– Increase your knowledge to **make effective business decisions** and develop key strategies for success
– Benefit from learning MBA theory with specialized coursework in **real estate, leadership, marketing, business, finance, and ethics**

An MBA in Real Estate from Marylhurst helps you develop a core foundation in business while exploring the unique factors that influence the healthcare industry. These accelerated courses are taught by instructors using real-world case studies and professional experience to provide a dynamic business education.

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