Top 10 Ranked Online Medical Billing/Coding Programs for 2014

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The health care field is expected to continue to experience substantial employment growth throughout the next several years regardless of where you live: Texas, California, New York, etc. According to the United States Department of Labor, health professions are projected to experience faster than average job growth through 2018 and beyond. The job growth will not be limited to one particular segment of the health care field; instead the trend will encompass all areas of the profession. Medical billing and coding is expected to see an increase of 20% in new job opportunities over the next several years. Educated and trained individuals in areas ranging from administrative support to nursing and all other aspects of the profession are in demand. The increasing need for trained professionals make the health care industry a viable and lucrative option with limitless opportunities for careers with job security. Individuals looking for a new career or to augment their current credentials will find training in any area of the health field advantageous.

Health care facilities will require the services of knowledgeable administrative staff to help meet the demands of a fast paced industry. Medical coding and billing is a profession within the health care industry which permits individuals to pursue a career in the field without having to have hands-on, sustained contact with patients; an advantage to persons who prefer an occupation which doesn’t require regular contact with the public. Especially important will be individuals educated in the area of billing and coding. The billing process has become increasingly complex in correlation to the intense scrutiny by medical insurance companies. New government mandates by the federal government requiring the use of electronic patient records will create a need for individuals familiar with the technology. Professionals trained in this particular specialty will be essential for health care agencies inundated with patients. The majority of those entering the field of medical billing and coding possess an associate degree.

Individuals intending to pursue a career in the field will need to consider attaining a degree to remain competitive in the job market and the industry. Below is a listing of the top ranked online programs offered in the field of medical billing and coding for 2014:

  1. Ultimate Medical Academy

    Ultimate Medical Academy is a student centered institution; committed to the academic and professional success of their students. Ultimate Medical Academy, located in Florida, provides students with a range of flexible, career focused online degree programs to working students. Students are offered the option of pursuing diplomas and undergraduate degree programs related to healthcare. All of the programs provide industry current curriculum which ensures students are prepared with the skills necessary to be successful leaders. The faculty members teaching the courses are trained online instructors and experienced professionals. The online programs are designed to provide a structured schedule, group learning projects and classroom discussions. As an added convenience, Ultimate Medical Academy also automatically schedules students for the next courses in their degree sequence. Financial aid is available to qualified students. Ultimate Medical Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

    Ultimate Medical Academy offers a range of options in the medical billing and insurance coding discipline including a diploma and an associate of science program. The 39 credit diploma program in the field of medical billing and insurance coding provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to acquire an entry level position in the field. The Associate of Science degree requires as few as 18 months for completion. Students enrolled in the programs are taught the fundamental skills of medical billing and insurance coding. The curriculum includes training in preparing and managing patients’ records, reading coding languages, utilizing medical billing software programs and reading and assigning codes and code language. Students also study anatomy, physiology, disease processes and medical terminology. Students develop the skills essential to the profession such as communication and research, problem solving, critical thinking, data analyzation and organization.

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  2. Colorado Technical University

    Colorado Technical University, established in 1965, strives to provide their online students with all of the advantages and benefits afforded traditional students through their academic community on the web. The online degree programs offered at Colorado Technical University are designed to be interactive and comprehensive. The programs allow students to interact with peers and instructors through message boards, CTU mobile access on your cell phone and email and are also able to join clubs through the Colorado Technical University Virtual Commons. Students are permitted to tailor their programs to suit their learning style and their scheduling needs and preferences. The superior support services offered at Colorado Technical University include a personal career services mentor to guide you. Colorado Technical University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    The Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding offered at Colorado Technical University provides students with solid foundation in this in demand, health care administrative field. The curriculum provides training in coding of diagnosis, coding systems procedures and protocols for medical records, insurance claims and billing, classification and information technology. Students enrolled in the degree program develop skills in the use of software tools and technology specially designed for the purpose of medical billing and coding and the management of medical records. Course lectures and presentations can be downloaded onto your iPod or other multimedia device to provide convenient and mobile access to students. The degree program focuses on providing training in the most current and industry relevant technologies available. Graduates of the programs will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to work in any medical or health care setting.

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  3. Virginia College

    Virginia College, founded in 1983, originated as a private, career institution in Alabama which has grown to include more than 14 campuses and an online division which provides flexible educational opportunities for busy working adults. Virginia College strives to provide student centered individualized support to each of their students. The range of degree programs offered in business, health care fields and technical areas equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the field and are well regarded by employers. Virginia College researches the job market to ensure they provide degree programs for the most in demand fields with industry current curriculum. Virginia College offers career placement assistance, small class sizes and financial aid to those who qualify. Virginia College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

    The medical billing and coding program offered at Virginia College provides specialized training which prepares graduates for entry level positions in the field. The program includes studies in current procedural terminology, international classification of diseases, clinical modification, health care common procedure coding systems and ninth revision. The coursework includes studies in all areas required by industry professionals to ensure students are familiar with contemporary trends and policies. Students are required to completed externships in order to attain practical experience utilizing the skills learned from the courses in a professional environment. The courses are taught by professionals with real world experience committed to the success of their students. The syllabuses are posted online with assignment deadlines for the convenience of the students. The programs can be completed at times most convenient for the students with courses available 24/7.

  4. American InterContinental University

    American InterContinental University, established in 1970, is committed to providing educational opportunities tailored to meet the individualized needs of the diverse international population. The institution endeavors to prepare students for successful careers as leaders in a range of industries. American InterContinental University offers career focused degree programs for the most in demand fields. The degree programs prepare students for careers in a range of positions within their fields of study. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs which help students advance their careers at a number of residential campuses located in the United States and abroad or through their flexible options offered at their online campus. Students are equipped with skills in communication, problem solving and critical thinking, essential to success in any professional setting. Faculty members are industry experienced instructors familiar with the subject areas in which they teach.

    The Associate of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Medical Billing and Coding offered at American InterContinental University provides a broad business curriculum. The program encompasses the foundational business and general education courses in addition to the concentration courses for medical billing and coding. The specialized coursework includes studies in the areas of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, legal aspects of health information, statistics, coding and abstraction of data, quality improvement methods and data base management. Students will be taught the procedures and skills essential to the effective and efficient management of a medical office and will learn the basics of health records content for varying health care agencies and offices. Information processing, storage and retrieval are taught as well as the interpretation, analysis and retrieval of various types of patient and medical information. Courses include introduction to ICD classification and reimbursement, fundamentals of billing and coding technology, medical records, principals of accounting, legal and ethical environment of business and security and loss prevention.

  5. Everest University

    Everest University provides their students with career focused degree programs which equip them with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the professional realm. The faculty members teaching the programs are dedicated instructors with and expertise in teaching. The classes are designed to adhere to the same learning format as the traditional courses taught in classrooms. Students are offered the opportunity to choose to pursue accelerated learning programs. The flexible schedule and supportive learning environment facilitate the academic success of the students. Students are able to interact with their peers and instructors through online discussions or chat rooms. Academic and technical support services are available to students. Technical support is offered 24/7 through a hotline students are able to call any time to ensure they are able to complete their coursework at times most convenient to them, without concern for unplanned delays due to technical difficulties. The career placement services provide assistance with interviewing skills, resume development and attaining a job. Everest University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

    The 96 credit Associate of Science Degree in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding offered at Everest University offers an in-depth program which provides training in all relevant areas of the field. Students are taught the fundamental aspects of administrative areas, insurance billing and coding and the program curriculum also encompasses the many specialty areas of the field. The medical insurance billing and coding program provides students with training in claims processing, collection strategies, current procedural coding, diagnostic coding and medical insurance. Students will study medical terminology, learn to apply the proper code selection and to prepare and process insurance claims and patient record creation, management and maintenance. The curriculum includes practical training in the manual and electronic preparation of insurance claims, interviewing patients and proper documentation techniques. Courses include medical law and ethics, anatomy and physiology of the body systems, medical office management and compliance, introduction to hospital billing, medical finance and insurance, medical insurance billing and diseases of the human body.

  6. Fortis College

    Fortis College is a career training institute which offers flexible educational programs to students with a range of educational and career backgrounds. In addition to its 27 campus locations in several states, Fortis College also includes an online campus for students requiring more flexible schedules. Fortis College offers quality degree programs for the most in demand professions The degree programs offered at Fortis College can be completed in as little as eighteen months. The faculty instructors are experienced professionals, many of whom are still actively working in the industry. The career services offered at Fortis College provide career development to augment the professional skills of their students and placement assistance to assist with finding the right job placement. Fortis College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

    The medical billing and coding program offered at Fortis College provides students with the fundamental skills required for success in the health care field. Students are trained in computer operations, the use of billing software, coding techniques and health care office administration. The program utilizes hands on training and instruction to ensure students develop a proficiency and competency in the necessary skills. The curriculum includes instruction in medical terminology and disease processes so that students are knowledgeable in the fundamental areas of their field. Courses include case studies and live chats as well as messaging options. The interactive, user friendly online programs allow students to have direct, individualized contact with faculty instructors through online chats or to participate in online group discussions. Other features offered through the online program include flashcards and instantly graded exams.

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  7. Harrison College

    Harrison College, established in 1902, is recognized for its commitment to providing high quality, career focused educational programs. A student centered institution of higher learning; Harrison College develops their programs in collaboration with faculty members, industry professionals and students. Students are offered the opportunity to pursue degrees in a range of fields including business, culinary, criminal justice, health sciences, information technology and veterinary technology. Harrison College endeavors to provide a supportive and challenging academic environment which facilitates the success of their students and fosters an interest in lifelong learning. The degree programs are tailored to meet the needs of the students with adaptable delivery methods and scheduling. The faculty members instructing the courses are industry experienced with strong academic credentials. Harrison College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for independent Colleges and Schools.

    The school of Health Sciences at Harrison College offers several health technology and management degree programs. The 96 credit Associate of Applied Sciences in medical reimbursement technology provides students with the knowledge and skills to perform the tasks essential to billing and coding. The program is available entirely through on line courses. Students enrolled in the degree program learn the coding classification systems, how to perform billing procedures and patient account creation and maintenance. Students are trained in utilizing specialized medical office software, submitting electronic claims forms and inputting insurance information and registration data on patients. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of complying with state and federal regulations. Courses offered within the program include coding systems, introduction to hospital billing, reimbursement management, medical office software, medical terminology, medical law and ethics, billing processes and procedures, anatomy, pharmacology physiology and pathophysiology. Students are also required to complete an externship to gain practical experience in the skills learned within the virtual classroom.

  8. Antonelli College

    For nearly 50 years, and under several names, Antonelli College was an art school. Its philosophy was to teach the total artist based on the fundamentals of craftsmanship. Its mission was to impart students with life-changing skills. The school, named Antonelli College in 1982, added business and technology degrees to their programs in the 1990s, and programs in the medical and massage therapy fields were added in 2005. Through the name changes and additions to curriculum, the core values of this institution remained the same. They want to provide their students with an environment and education that makes them well-rounded. The programs offered by Antonelli College build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in the students’ chosen fields. Their qualified and industry-experienced instructors provide hands-on and real-world education while encouraging the students to think about their tasks critically. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, Antonelli provides small class sizes, career placement assistance, flexible schedules, and weekend office hours. They want their students to succeed, and they will help at every step of the way.

    The Medical Billing and Coding degree program at Antonelli College provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a career in this growing field. They equip their students with an expertise in the standard coding systems for this field. Students will be prepared for entry-level positions in a number of healthcare settings, including but not limited to: medical clinics, dental offices, long-term care facilities, and public health departments. The completion of this degree qualifies students for employment and for taking the Certified Professional Coders exam.

  9. Brighton College

    Throughout the latter part of the 20th Century, the institution that became Brighton College focused on providing the best distance education for those looking to start or advance a career. In 2004, Brighton College acquired HTC Distance Education. They changed from a hospitality-centered education to one that sought to instruct students in the fields of health administration, criminal justice, and business, to name a few. Their mission is to provide a supportive environment that encourages students to grow in self-development, self-discipline, self-motivation, and to become life-long learners. The instructors at Brighton College are selected from practicing professionals who educate students in the current standards and practices of their chosen fields. They guide the students through the practical application of skills learned, and they make themselves available through email, phone, help forms, chat, and office hours. They are there to help the students succeed. Brighton College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, and they strive to prepare their students for entry-level employment in their chosen fields. Brighton College continuously evaluates their courses to keep up with the ever-changing practices of the programs they provide.

    The Medical Billing and Coding program follows the same philosophies, objectives, and goals as the institution. It was designed with the student in mind, so it is self-paced and flexible to fit the student’s schedule. With affordable tuition, a class size of one, and access to tutorials 24/7, the MBAC program makes it easy for a student to learn and prepare for a new career. Courses offered include: Introduction to Healthcare, Medical Law and Ethics, and Medical Office Procedures. Students can go over the course materials as often as they need, and whenever they want, to ensure a full understanding of what is taught. When a student has completed each course with a minimum of 70%, and they have graduated from the program, Brighton College will help students write resumes and cover letters to find that first job.

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