Top 10 Ranked Online Medical Assistants Schools for 2014

The healthcare industry is among the few fields which consistently experiences job growth. The demand for health care increases in correlation with the population growth and aging, the prevalence of diseases and the increase in life expectancy. Qualified health professionals are essential to the success of health agencies in providing quality care to a diverse population of patients. The healthcare industry requires technicians, administrative support staff and medical assistants as much as they require nurses and physicians. The Bureau of Labor ranks the medical assistant profession as one of the top growing occupations and reports an expected average job growth of 34%. Individuals entering the health field as medical assistants will have the advantage of being trained in both administrative and clinical areas, both of which are skills in high demand by employer.

Below is a ranking of the best online medical assistants schools for 2014:

1. Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) was established in 1994 to prepare students for health care industry careers. Today, UMA has three campuses: two in Clearwater and Tampa, Fla., as well as an online campus for students whose schedules demand a distance education. UMA primarily offers technical and associate-level programs in health care-related disciplines. The academy’s flexible online campus is fully prepared to provide students with convenience and a high-quality education. UMA and its online programs are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. UMA online programs include an interactive learning environment with the academy’s online learning platform. Through this platform, students access their syllabi, assignments, course materials, and communication tools for reaching their instructors. Moreover, students also have ample access to their peers for career, social, and academic growth through UMA’s optional study buddy program.

The Associate of Science in Health Sciences offered by UMA prepares students for the health care field through the combination of business, communication, and technical courses. Students get to choose among eight concentrations in total. However, those interested solely in earning their associate degree in this discipline online have the choice of two concentrations, namely Medical Administrative Assistant, and Medical Office and Billing Specialist. To complete their online associate degree, students must complete general education courses, such as English, as well as degree specific courses, like Medical Terminology, Accounting, and Introduction to Computer Information Sciences. From their degree-specific courses, students gain skills required for the business side of health sciences, such as medical coding, law, and computer skills. Moreover, upon completing their associate degree, students whose studies are concentrated in becoming a Medical Administrate Assistant will be prepared to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA). The A.S. in Health Sciences from UMA requires the completion of 60 credits; typically, full-time students spend about two years completing their degree.

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2. Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School, established in 1890, offers affordable quality programs with flexible scheduling options. Over the years, Penn Foster Career School has become a leading provider of distance education programs, boasting one of the oldest and largest programs. All of the programs are tailored to meet the needs of working adults; facilitating their success attaining both their educational and career goals. The degree programs offered at Penn Foster Career School provide industry current curriculum which is regularly updated to ensure it remains abreast of advances and changing trends. Students enrolled at Penn Foster Career School have access to the extensive online library for reference and research purposes. The support services provide adult learners with the assistance and guidance necessary for successful completion of their program. Penn Foster Career School is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council and is affiliated with a substantial number of professional organizations including the American Association of Medical Assistants.

The Medical Office Assistant program offered at Penn Foster Career School offers a comprehensive curriculum in the area of study. Students learn the administrative procedures and practices commonly required of the medical assistant professionals. Those employed within the position are also required to know the health information confidentiality regulations, be familiar with allied health law and ethics and understand medical terminology and pharmacology. The program is designed to develop professional communication and patient care skills. Courses are taken one at a time, with the next one immediately available upon successful completion of the previous one in the sequence. Courses include introduction to allied health, office procedures, interpersonal communication, law and ethics in allied health, word and excel, body systems/terminology I and II, reimbursement methodologies, medical information management and office practice, insurance form preparation and clinical procedures. Graduates of the program will qualify to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant exam.

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3.Herzing University

Herzing University is a student centered institution, with a forty year history of providing higher education programs, dedicated to the success of their graduates. The school consists of eight residential campus locations and its online campus. Herzing University offers flexible degree programs tailored to meet the scheduling needs of the working population. The quality degree programs provide career focused curriculums in more than 30 different programs at varying educational levels. Students can earn diplomas, associate, bachelor or master degrees at Herzing University, most of which are offered entirely through online courses. Herzing University offers an automatic enrollment of sequenced online courses for the convenience of their students. The instructors are experienced professionals specially trained in online teaching methods. The support services offered to students at Herzing University include career development assistance, academic support and technical assistance. Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

Herzing University offers several programs in medical assisting. Students are offered the option of completing a diploma program or the associate of science in medical assisting, both of which can lead into the programs for Bachelor of Science in health care management and a master of business administration in healthcare management. The 48 credit diploma program can be completed in twelve to twenty months while the 65 credit associate program is dependent on the individual. The curriculum is tailored to meet the requirements needed for graduates to sit for the certified medical assistant exam and the registered medical assistant exam. Students enrolled in the program will learn the skills necessary to perform the daily clinical and administrative tasks required of medical assistants; updating patient records, arranging lab and hospital visits, completing insurance forms, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, taking vital signs, collecting and packaging lab specimens and assisting physicians during examinations. The interactive online program permits students to participate in online group discussions and group projects. The medical assisting program is accredited by the accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

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4. Mountain State University

Mountain State University was founded in 1933 as an independent, not for profit institution which has grown into a well regarded provider of innovative, high quality career focused degree programs. The programs are developed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful professionals equipped to function in a global and diverse society. The programs are reviewed and updated to ensure students receive the most current training in their fields. Mountain State University offers rolling admission which permits students to enroll in the programs until the classes are filled. Mountain State University offers courses in eight week sessions. Students are permitted to complete two courses simultaneously. The interactive format of the online courses permits students to interact with their peers and instructors. The faculty members are qualified instructors who are dedicated to the success of their students.

The School of Health Sciences at Mountain State College offers a 66 credit A.S. Program in Medical Assisting. The program requires students to complete a general studies curriculum including humanities, business and science. College writing, keyboarding and general mathematics are required of some students. Students are trained in the areas essential to the medical assistant position also; scheduling appointments, medical coding and transcribing, taking patient histories and vital sights, giving injections and assisting physicians with minor procedures. Courses offered in the program include medical ethics and law, principals of psychology, principles of communication in health care, math for health sciences, medical terminology, introduction to medical assisting, phlebotomy, clinical skills and administrative skills. The medical assisting program is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs providing students the opportunity to complete the Medical Assisting Certification Exam which is only offered to students who complete an accredited program.

5. Kaplan University

Kaplan University, founded in 1937, is a highly regarded pioneer in the education field and has become a leading provider of distance education around the globe. Kaplan University provides flexible, challenging degree programs tailored to meet the needs of the working population as well as programs for younger students and professional training courses. The courses are available 24/7 to permit students to complete work at their convenience. The innovative degree programs provide comprehensive instruction intended to assure the success of the students. The programs include undergraduate and graduate degrees and are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they meet industry standards. Faculty members teaching the courses are experienced professionals from around the world committed to providing superior instruction and support to their students. Support services and resources offered at Kaplan University include academic support, an extensive online library, advisors, technical support staff and career placement services. Kaplan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The School of Health Sciences at Kaplan University offers an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting. The program includes a combination of classroom instruction and hands on training. Students are trained to assist physicians with examinations, preparing patients for procedures, performing laboratory tests including venipuncture, blood work and electrocardiograms and taking patients vital signs. The curriculum also includes training in maintaining and managing patient records. The online program requires students to complete an externship in a health care facility to prepare graduates for positions within a professional setting. Courses required in the program include general core courses in communications and mathematics and major courses such as anatomy and physiology I & II, pharmacology, diseases of the human body, medical office management, professionalism in health care, clinical competencies I and II, medical coding and insurance, medical law and bioethics and medical terminology. Graduates of the program will be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant exam given by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

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6. Allied Health Institute

The Allied Health Institute is a pioneer in online medical programs; credited with designing the first accredited online medical assistant program in the country. Allied Health is committed to providing affordable, quality online educational opportunities for the most in demand positions within the allied health professions. Many of the technical degree programs require students to complete hands on training at qualified health care agencies to ensure graduates are adequately prepared to enter the industry. Rolling admission allows students to enroll at any point throughout the year without unwanted delays. Extensive support services are offered to assist with admissions, financial aid and academics through peer counselors, mentors and study partners, all of which are available via email, telephone, online and even through mail and fax for easy access. Allied Health Institute boasts a both a high job placement rate and a high success rate on the registration and certification exams. Allied Health Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of health Education Schools.

Allied Health Institute offers a diploma program in medical assisting and medical office assisting. Both programs train students in the diverse duties required. Students learn the basic diagnostic procedures, laboratory procedures, medical technology and terminology, medical coding, and management of a medical office. The one class at a time approach adhered to by Allied Health Institute ensures students are able to concentrate on learning one subject without distraction. Each class is four weeks in duration. Classes begin every month allowing students to complete their education within ten months without interruption. Required courses include physiology, clinical assisting, pharmacology, ekg interpretation, phlebotomy, anatomy, medical computer applications and medical transcription. The online courses incorporate chat rooms and discussion boards to facilitate an interactive environment. Students are able to access the online electronic library to assist with their assignments and tests. Conclusion of the program is contingent on students’ completion of a required externship.


7. Berdan Institute

Berdan Institute was founded in 1976 as a career school. Since its establishment, Berdan Institute has become a well regarded provider of health educational programs. Berdan Institute is dedicated to the success of their students. The high quality programs offered at Berdan include the most in demand professions. Berdan Institute offers a range of health care educational programs; most of which require very little time for completion. Graduates of the programs are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to attain entry level positions in the industry. Berdan Institute has become a practical choice for individuals seeking short term programs with flexible scheduling options. The support services offered at Berdan Institute include career placement assistance and advising. Berdan Institute is accredited by the accrediting Commission of the Career College Association.

The programs are designed to provide both the academic and hands on training essential for success in the industry. Students enrolled in the 150 credit medical assisting certificate program are required to complete hands-on lab work and externships which provide practical training in the skills learned in the courses. The curriculum includes training in both the clinical and administrative aspects of health care. Students learn lab techniques, to give injections, how to take vital signs, phlebotomy, urinalysis, and how to assist physicians with minor procedures. Additionally, the program includes training in transcription, patient data collection, insurance claims processing, bookkeeping and billing. The externship requires 160 hours of service at an acceptable medical setting. Upon completion of the program students are qualified to sit for the certified medical assistant exam sponsored by the American Association of Medical Assistants. The medical assistants program is fully accredited by the American Association of Medical Assistants and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.


8. Everest College

Everest College is a well regarded career focused institution which provides a range of diploma and degree programs for the most in demand professions. The degree programs are industry relevant, offering curriculum in the skills essential in your profession. A number of the degree programs can be completed in a short period of time, some in just nine months. The faculty members are experienced professionals with real world expertise. The dedicated faculty instructors provide extra assistance to ensure students attain a comprehensive understanding of the subject being taught. The career placement services offered at Everest College provide career placement assistance and assistance with interviewing skills and resume building. Everest College encompasses several traditional campus locations across the country in addition to its online campus.

The medical assisting program offered at Everest College provides both academic and experiential training in the field. Students learn the fundamental skills associated with the profession; pharmacology, laboratory procedure, medical law, patient care all relevant areas of health sciences and the extensive administrative tasks required of professionals in the health industry. The curriculum also includes courses in endocrinology, reproduction, medical insurance, bookkeeping, ethics, psychology, infection control techniques and cardiopulmonary. Students will learn the diseases of the body, medical terminology, body systems, and medical coding. The online program offers flexible classes and access to coursework 24/7 to permit students to tailor their schedule to meet their own needs.


9. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants provides affordable distance education programs earned which are completed entirely through online courses. The flexible certificate programs offered at St. Augustine provide the opportunity for busy working adults to pursue their educational goals within a short time frame and at a pace comfortable for them. St. Augustine offers several medical certificate programs including the nursing assistant program, dental assistant program, pharmacy technician and medical assistant. Students enrolled in the program at St. Augustine have access to the online library where they can research and utilize the resources to complete their assignments. Online support is offered where students are able to direct their questions from advisers, educators, and various health care providers including nurses and physicians. St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is accredited through the National accreditation and certification board.

The certificate program in medical assistants offered at ST. Augustine provides a quality distance learning online program which equips students with the array of skills and knowledge necessary to perform the tasks associated with the position. The program curriculum was designed in collaboration with health care experts and can be completed in as little as six to eight weeks. The classes offered within the program include medical terminology, human body planes, basic human anatomy and physiology, medical office professionalism, patient communication, basic medical law, infection control, surgical instruments, emergency care, clinical equipment, specimen collection, patient history and physicals, medication injections, measuring a pulse and introduction to CPR and Basic Ultrasound. The courses and labs are all offered online to permit working students the flexibility of determining when and where to complete their work. The program is self paced, allowing students to work at a pace comfortable for their individual needs.


10. Harrison College

Harrison College was established more than 100 years ago as a business school eventually evolving to incorporate a range of degree offerings for students. The college boasts twelve campuses and an online campus. Harrison College is a student centered institution which offers career focused degree programs intended to ensure students become leaders in their fields. The job placement rate of more than 90% is a testimony to the opinion of employers regarding degrees and diplomas earned from Harrison College. Online classes are available 24/7 to students with a weekly schedule requiring specific assignments to be completed each week. The class schedule, syllabus, assignment list and lecture materials are all available for access through the online classroom. Harrison College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

The medical office assistant certificate program offered at Harrison College provides a comprehensive curriculum in the field. Students are taught the essential skills and knowledge of the profession. The Coursework provided in the program includes word processing, medical record filing, appointment scheduling and bookkeeping. The curriculum develops skills in communication so that graduates are able to effectively communicate with patients enabling them to obtain information for records and prepare patients for examinations and a variety of procedures. Students will also learn to perform various laboratory tests, administer injections and EKG exams, take blood and vital signs and assist physicians with examinations. Students are trained to effectively use the specialized medical software used by most health care practices. The program can be completed in 5 quarters.

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