Top 10 Online Real Estate Degree Programs for 2016

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Purchasing a home, an investment property or a new business property is not a simple process. Financing, pricing, insurance, filing for transfer of titles and ensuring the property is safe for occupancy are just a few of the aspects of buying and selling real estate. There are a range of professional positions within the real estate industry responsible for the completion of these various tasks. Positions include home appraisers and assessors, real estate brokers and sales agents and real estate inspectors. Careers in real estate require a specialized knowledge of the industry. Individuals pursuing a career in real estate should have a familiarity with the entire process and the roles of each professional in the process. This knowledge can be achieved by completing a degree program with a specialization in real estate and getting a degree from some of the top ranked colleges and universities.

With employment opportunities within the field expected to rise, attaining a degree in real estate can prepare graduates for a career with a future and job security. Professionals who have completed courses or degree programs in the field of real estate are skilled and knowledgeable in the essential areas of the field and capable of successfully performing the associated tasks. Most individuals, businesses and companies prefer or even require a professional with a degree or certificate in the real estate field with the expectation that these individuals will be better equipped to serve their needs. And since all states have some type of licensing requirements for various professions within the real estate field, education can be a central condition or prerequisite. Online degree programs provide working individuals with an opportunity to complete their education without having to miss or quit work and sacrificing their other, equally important, responsibilities.

Below is a list of the top ranked online programs in real estate for 2016:

1. Ashford University

Learn the ins and outs of a fascinating industry with your online Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate Studies degree from the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. While the housing market has suffered a recession, there will be strong demand for prepared professionals to fill new positions as this cycle rebounds. This degree program provides you with basic skills in mortgage lending, development, equity investment, and brokerage. Your online courses include appraisal, property management, finance, and economics. Examine the markets and financing methods for residential and commercial properties. Discover the trends that influence property valuations, and learn best practices to benefit and safeguard investors.

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2. Florida International University

With a history of excellence, FIU is Miami’s largest university, with 50,000 students, 1,100 full-time faculty and nearly 200,000 alumni. FIU is ahead in its commitment to learning, research, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Its graduates are prepared to succeed in a global market. FIU Online has been at the forefront of offering the best in online learning since 1998. In 2009, FIU Online enhanced its focus to offer both online courses as a complement to on-site students as well as fully online programs. FIU now has 27 fully online programs and dozens of programs that can be completed almost entirely online.

Real estate education is central to South Florida and Florida International University (FIU). The Real Estate at Florida International University web site facilitates real estate knowledge dissemination and education and is a central platform from which you can easily link to other real estate activities at FIU, the region and the world. Whether you are interested in the award winning research of the faculty, the pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree in real estate, unbiased real estate reporting and commentary, measures of market performance, dedicated centers, scholarships, faculty experts, current real estate news, current students or alumni, or supporting our program(s), you are at the hub of these activities.

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3. Regent University

Regent University is a fully accredited Christian university offering associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees on campus and online. Students in many programs may choose convenient eight or 15 week sessions, or a blend of both. In every learning format, Regent students enjoy learning from award-winning faculty who understand the real-world needs of today’s employers.

This business degree will enhance your understanding of how business “works,” but it will also highlight specific business dynamics that are critical to the success of any organization. With a bachelor’s degree in management from Regent University, you will be prepared for today’s rapidly changing business environment and equipped to serve more effectively as a leader. Courses include studies in accounting, communications, finance, marketing, human resources and strategic management. Pursue your management degree program in Virginia on our beautiful campus, or earn your degree online.

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4. Kaplan University

As the real estate market rebounds, so may career opportunities for professionals with the right skills and training.* The real estate career focus area teaches the foundations of real estate, including sales, market analysis, finance, ethics, law, and more. Courses could help prepare you to sit for national real estate or broker license exams.

At Kaplan University, we understand why you’re going back to school. The outcome of your education is our most important concern. Kaplan University is an accredited, leading provider of online higher education. We offer more than 180 programs in a variety of fields. Our rigorous curriculum is designed to provide you with relevant skills to pursue your career and personal goals. Faculty members are experienced practitioners within their fields and focus on real-world, practical skills.

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5. Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Schools includes the Penn Foster College, Penn Foster Career School and Penn Foster High School. Penn Foster College is a well regarded career institution which provides industry relevant programs for the most in demand professions. Offering more than 80 distance learning programs in a range of areas including health services, business and legal studies, Penn Foster College provides busy working adults the opportunity to advance their careers and educational aspirations. Students enrolled in the online programs offered at Penn Foster College are able to choose the learning style best suited to their individual needs. Student can study online, receive the information in print or utilize both methods. Penn Foster College is accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Penn Foster Career School offers a certificate Home Inspector program. Student enrolled in the program learn the essential skills necessary for individuals intending to enter the home inspection field. The program curriculum provides students with an understanding of the entire inspection process. Students complete coursework in structural design, exterior and interior inspections and electrical and mechanical inspections. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin their own home inspection business. The program can be completed in as little as six months. Courses within the program include the inspection process, structural design, exterior inspections, professional practices, mechanical inspections, and electrical inspections. Students have unlimited access to the online library and instructional support via the website.

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6. New England College

New England College, established in 1946, provides both a traditional campus educational experience and degree programs delivered entirely through online courses. New England College equips students with the education and skills to become effective professionals in their fields and to make a positive difference in society. The flexible degree programs and enrollment dates permit busy working students to accomplish their educational goals and advance their careers without interrupting their work schedules. The support services offered at New England College are intended to assist students in overcoming obstacles which may prevent them from completing their degree program. Students are provided with a solid liberal arts education which encourages innovation and creativity and an appreciation for diversity. New England College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

New England College offers a 36 credit Master of Science in Management with a concentration on real estate management. The program provides students with the advanced skills and knowledge to ensure their continued success in the real estate industry. Students learn the latest techniques and principles of the field and learn the management skills necessary to produce change and productivity. Students complete coursework in contracts management, customer relationship management and project management. The online degree program at New England College is asynchronous; permitting students the opportunity to complete courses and assigned work when their own schedule permits. The materials are delivered to the students before the semester begins. And the online library and resource center are available to the students 24/7, without restrictions.

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7. Colorado Technical University

Colorado University provides innovative, interactive online degree programs that permit students to become a part of their academic community. The online campus is designed to provide an experience comparable to that enjoyed by traditional students. Students have the option of participating in chats with classmates and instructors, social clubs and extracurricular activities. The curriculum for the degree programs provides real world knowledge taught by dedicated and experienced instructors. Employer satisfaction surveys indicate graduates of Colorado Technical University are held in high regard by employers. Colorado Technical University makes the needs of their students a priority. The career service mentor is accessible through the online program also; providing support and professional guidance to busy students. Colorado Technical University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in Property Management offered by Colorado Technical University offers a comprehensive business program. Students are equipped with the fundamental business skills and knowledge essential to success in today’s global economy. The program curriculum includes studies in managerial techniques, tenant relations, fundamentals of commercial real estate investment, developing operational marketing and cash flow plans, market influences, contracts and property portfolio management and funding for capital projects. Students enrolled in the major will complete courses in property manager responsibilities and capital planning and asset management. The program develops student’s skills in leadership and understanding of finances. Students interested in management positions may find the best management and leadership blogs article particularly helpful.

8. South University

South University, established in 1899, has earned a reputation of academic excellence. Evolving from a two year college into a full fledged university offering four year undergraduate and graduate degrees, South University provides high quality, innovative degree programs. The curriculum provides focused studies which encompass the breadth of the various degree programs and develop students’ skills in communication and critical thinking. The student centered institution is committed to the success of its students. South University offers flexible programs; permitting students to complete their degree programs at their own pace and at times tailored to suit their occupational needs. The students enrolled at South University are instilled with professional values and ethics and a life long appreciation for learning for the purpose of facilitating the success of its students. South University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

South University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration program with a specialization in Real Estate. Students enrolled in the program are equipped with the skills necessary to work in the commercial investment and corporate real estate industry in addition to working with individual buyers. The curriculum includes studies in real estate terminology, equity and debt financing, property and land development processes, appraisal and valuation techniques and varying approaches to handling commercial real estate. Students will learn to complete real estate development market and financial feasibility studies, commercial real estate appraisals which include the cost, market and income approaches to valuation and will be able to create financing packages which adhere to the requirements of commercial real estate lenders. In addition to the specialized real estate courses, students also complete coursework in accounting, finance, management, economics and consumer behavior, providing a balanced educational experience. Students attain a fundamental understanding of functioning in various business settings.


9. American Public University

Founded in 1991, American Public University provides distance learning programs to more than 100 countries and more than 70,000 students. The degree programs provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in a globalized business world. American Public University endeavors to provide its students with career relevant curriculum and individualized programs intended to support both their academic and career goals. Students have the opportunity to select from more than 70 undergraduate degree programs in the most in demand fields. The instructors teaching the courses are experienced, industry experts with real world knowledge and understanding. Students are provided with one on one attention from professors and faculty members and are able to participate in online chats with other students. American Public University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association and the accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council.

An award winning distance education provider, American Public University offers a high quality educational program in real estate studies. Students are offered the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate certificate program in real estate or an associate degree program. The 61 credit Associate of Arts in Real Estate Studies offered at American Public University prepares students with the tools necessary to be successful in the business field. The curriculum includes general business courses as well as the major specific courses required to meet the licensing requirements for real estate professionals. The program facilitates the development of the professional skills necessary for success; collaboration, analytical and critical thinking. The curriculum is regularly reviewed by an advisory committee comprised of industry professionals to ensure it remains relevant and abreast of recent advances in the field. The affordable program offers both eight and sixteen week courses, permitting students to determine the pace at which they complete the program.


10. Stratford Career Institute

Established in 1991, Stratford Career Institute is one of the leading providers of innovative distance education career programs. Stratford Career Institute endeavors to provide students with industry relevant, career focused educational programs which prepare them to become successful professionals in their field. Stratford Career Institute’s online degree programs are affordable and comprehensive programs. The flexible degree programs can be completed in as little as six months. Students are not required to adhere to a specific schedule, but are permitted to design a schedule which suits their needs. The instructors are qualified professionals experienced in the fields in which they teach. The cost of all textbooks, learning aids, study guides, exams and student services are all included in the tuition and fees. Stratford Career Institute offers three enrollment options for the convenience of their busy working students; via phone, online or through the mail with continuous enrollment opportunities.

Stratford Career Institute offers two programs in the real estate field; home inspection and real estate appraisal. The Home inspection certificate program provides students with the fundamental knowledge of the home inspection process and the required skills involved with running a home inspection business. Graduates of the home inspection program are eligible to apply to become registered home inspectors with the Housing Inspection Foundation. The program is taught in four modules: introduction to appraising and inspecting homes, the how to of home inspection, the home inspection business and more on the home inspection business. Courses offered in the program include Determinants of Property Value, Introduction to Basic Valuation Concepts, Ethics and Liability for Real Estate Professionals, The Business Side of Real Estate, Building Sites and Landscaping, Foundations; Building Structures; Roofing , Chimneys and Flues, Interior and Exterior Finishes, Insects, Vermin, and Decay, Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning, Electrical Systems and Plumbing Systems.


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