Top 10 Online Colleges for Teaching Degrees for 2014

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The teaching occupation offers a substantial range of opportunities for professionals within the field. Professional educators can work in a classroom setting teaching students from grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth. Teachers can choose to pursue an area of specialization in a specific subject, in a focused area such as special education or to develop an expertise in a certain aspect of the field. Teachers can work in child care centers, private education centers or in technical schools. Since teachers are required in every region of the country, individuals entering the profession aren’t geographically limited as to where they can set up residence. In addition to the flexible job opportunities, teaching is a field with limitless opportunities for change, enrichment and advancement. Professionals within the teaching field will always have the option to return to school to acquire new, updated or advanced skills which will enhance their abilities and generate new opportunities.

The teaching field, according to the United States Department of Labor, will continue to experience average job growth over the next decade with an increase of 13 percent. Individuals just beginning careers in teaching or those interested in changing careers will find online degree programs helpful in achieving this goal. In order to increase your viability in the teaching field, additional courses, certificates or degree programs may need to be considered. The online programs offer flexible schedule and class options tailored to meet the needs of a busy adult population and a supportive learning environment. The programs conform to the national educational standards for the major and provide current information to students. Completing a degree program to begin a new career in the field or to augment an existing career can be achieved at the convenience of the student with online programs. The pace at which the program is completed can be decided by each individual student by choosing a part time program, full time program or even an accelerated paced program.

Below is a list of the top ranked teaching programs offered through online courses for 2014. Each institution is accredited and offers challenging teaching programs with coursework relevant to contemporary issues in teaching and education.

  1. Ashford University

    Ashford University, located in Iowa; and founded in 1918, was established to provide flexible, quality degree programs for the busy working adult population at an affordable rate. The rigorous and innovative programs offered at Ashford University are designed to support students in their academic endeavors while equipping the future graduates with the skills necessary to become leaders in the professional setting. The student centered approach to learning assures the educational success of each individual enrolled at Ashford University. Faculty and staff are available to students for guidance, assistance and advising. The degree programs are routinely reviewed and updated to ensure their relevance and to remain abreast of advances in the field. Each program can be tailored to accommodate the scheduling demands of the working adults’ schedule with some degree programs requiring as little as 9 months for completion.

    Ashford University offers a number of degree options in the education field. Students can elect to pursue a 64 credits associate or bachelor degree in education and choose an area of specialization. The Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education provides a foundation in the areas of development, special learners, instructional strategy and learning assessment. Courses can be taken one at a time, for five week durations permitting students to concentrate in one subject area while accelerating the time it takes to complete the degree. The online programs are asynchronous, allowing further flexibility. Offered courses include personal dimensions of education, foundations of movement and motor activity, world civilizations, art appreciation, composition and introduction to early childhood education. A range of elective options include the dependence of man on the environment, adult development and life assessment, introduction to sociology and informal logic. Bachelor degree programs are offered in early childhood education, early childhood education administration and education and public policy.

    Successful completion of the Education program by itself does not lead to certification or licensure in any state. It is the student’s responsibility to determine individual state requirements for teacher certification or licensure. Please refer to Resource Organizations Directory (EROD) for individual state requirements for teacher certification or licensure. Please be advised that states change their policies from time to time and students are advised to check regularly with their state regulatory agencies’ policies and procedures relating to licensure. Further, a record may prevent an applicant from obtaining licensure, certification, or employment in this field of study. Certain program restrictions may apply to residents of Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, and non-US residents.

    For more information about on-time completion rates, the median loan debt of students who completed each program, and other important information, please visit:

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  2. Concordia University

    Concordia University offers one year Masters of Education programs. Their accelerated programs will help teachers develop the skills needed to excel in the classroom. The teaching strategies you will study will help you and your students grow. Concordia University – Portland online is dedicated to providing its students with the tools necessary to enhance individual teaching and leadership skills, as well as promote an inclusive learning environment that fosters discussion and stimulates intellectual rigor. To find out if you qualify and to learn more about our programs, simply submit your information now. Scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid may also be available to help students with their tuition. To find out if you qualify and to learn more about our programs, simply submit your information now.

    Concordia University is unique in that you can get your master’s degree in one year, on your own schedule. They use research-based best practices to give you the ability to have a more powerful impact on education. Their affordable financial aid, competitive education, and flexible class schedules allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home. They are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, and is affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and is a member of the Concordia University System.

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  3. Walden University

    Walden University, located in Minnesota is a highly regarded research institution offering a substantial range of degree programs through award winning distance learning courses. Walden University is committed to eradicating the barriers which hinder the efforts of working adults in attaining their educational and career goals. The flexible and convenient online programs offered at Walden University successfully instill an ambition for lifelong learning and an ethical responsibility towards social change producing graduates who become leaders in their fields. Knowledge derived from research is incorporated into the programs to assure students are abreast of the most recent advancements in their area of study. Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association and has attained several professional accreditations.

    Walden University offers undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degree programs in education. The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in their field, developed collaboratively with industry experts, researchers and educators and based on national standards. The four year 181 credit Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies provides students with training in educational policies, students support services, community programs and various other educational agencies. Students are required to complete 45 credits in general education courses, 60 credits in core areas of study and 70 credits in elective courses permitting students to tailor their program towards their individualized interests and goals. Courses include understanding today’s instructional environments, how people learn, foundations of educational studies, designing curriculum, diversity in education, assessment and evaluation and technology and education. Students work closely with peers and faculty members evaluating strategies and theories in education and to develop new knowledge in the field.

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  4. Capella University

    Capella University was established in 1991 for the purpose of providing working adults with superior educational opportunities better suited to their own needs. Since its inception, Capella University has grown to include 39 undergraduate and graduate degree programs and boasts a student body of more than 37,000 around the globe. The administration and faculty members at the school are experienced in their professions and committed to the success of their students and the institution. Capella University strives to provide high quality degree programs to students seeking to advance their skills and knowledge as well as their careers. The degree programs are innovative and relevant and are regularly updated to ensure students receive the most current training in their fields. Capella University has earned accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition to accreditation, Capella University has earned approval and certifications from several states and various highly regarded organizations.

    The School of Education at Capella University offers a range of master and doctoral programs in education. The curriculum for the degree programs incorporate national standards to ensure the degree earned is relevant and respected. The 48 credit programs require students to complete several general core courses in education. The majority of the remaining credits are required in the student’s area of specialization. Areas of study include leadership, learning theory and curriculum development. Graduates of the programs are able to improve the achievement level of students within their classrooms. Students can pursue a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, early childhood education, enrollment management, instructional design for online learning, k-12 studies in education, leadership in educational administration, leadership for higher education, post secondary and adult education, professional studies in education, reading an literacy, special education or training and performance improvement. The doctorate degree programs are offered in most of the same areas of study.

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  5. Kaplan University

    Kaplan University was founded in 1938 for the purpose of helping students achieve their educational goals through tutoring and test preparation assistance. Today, Kaplan University has evolved into a comprehensive educational provider offering degree programs, certificate programs, continuing education services and a range of programs for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Kaplan University strives to provide individualized, student focused educational programs tailored to each of their specific goals and needs. With more than 600 locations around the globe and their successful online campus, Kaplan University boasts a student body exceeding one million students every year. Students are provided with access to exceptional support services, extensive educational and career resources and expert faculty instructors.

    Kaplan University School of Graduate Education offers several degree options in the field of education for the benefit of their students. Students can pursue a Master of Science degree in education specializing in several areas of the discipline including literacy and language for grades k-6 or 6-12, technology, special needs, mathematics in varying grades, science in varying grades and leadership. The curriculum trains educators to design curriculum based on local and national standards, develop varying approaches to discipline and classroom management and to apply research and theories for the purpose of implementing teaching strategies. Students enrolled in the degree program will participate in discussions and activities which will assist in developing the essential skills necessary to motivate and teach. The degree program requires each student to complete a capstone project utilizing the methodologies taught throughout the program.

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  6. Strayer University

    Strayer University was established in 1892 in Virginia to provide working adults with flexible educational opportunities. The highly regarded institution provides affordable, high quality degree programs and expert, industry experienced faculty members committed to the success of their students. The degree programs offer current and relevant curriculum which ensures students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance their careers. At Strayer University, students can choose to complete their degree programs entirely through online courses or can attend classes at any of the school’s numerous locations across the nation. Employers view applicants with a degree from Strayer in high regard due to the reputation of the institution. Strayer University is accredited by the Middle Sates Commission on Higher Education and has attained approval and licensure in nearly all the states across the country for all of their programs.

    Strayer University offers master degree programs in education to their students. The 54 credit Master of Education degree program offers comprehensive training to students involved in various aspects of the field. The curriculum includes studies in the areas of education theories, business skills, education management, administrative issues and educational techniques utilized to teach students with various needs. The skills learned can be immediately applied to any classroom setting. Students aspiring to earn a degree in teaching at Strayer University will have the opportunity to select from concentration options. The online courses are rigorous and challenging and provide students with the knowledge and skills required in the education discipline. Students have the option of choosing courses which are synchronous for the students who prefer a more structured schedule or asynchronous for students who require flexibility. Instructors provide online syllabi, email addresses, phone numbers and online message boards to ensure their accessibility to their student.

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  7. Widener University

    Widener University, founded in 1821, began as a military institution and evolved into an institution of higher learning offering more than 150 degree and certificate programs. Widener University is dedicated to providing high quality degree programs steeped in experiential learning and emphasizing the importance of social commitment and ethical professionalism. The traditional college offers a range of accommodating online programs for their population of working adult students contending with busy schedules and daily responsibilities. The curriculum for the degree and certificate programs are challenging and comprehensive and provide a broad foundation of knowledge in all the core areas essential to the professional fields. The student centered, collaborative learning approach supports the achievement and success of each graduate and furthers the university’s goal of enhancing its reputation in the academic and professional realms. Widener University has earned the Presidential Community Service Award for its efforts in volunteering and service learning.

    Students are offered the opportunity to select from several degree programs at Widener University through online courses. The Bachelor of Arts degree for Elementary Education is an exceptional program which can lead to licensure. Students can choose to pursue a specialization in the early years (grades k-4) or middle years (grades 4-8). The program includes theoretical study in education, contemporary teaching techniques and analyzes the potential direction of the future in teaching. Students complete foundational courses in professional education and have the opportunity to attain the field experience necessary for program completion. The online degree programs are formatted to allow peer and faculty interaction and facilitates collaborative learning. Students are able to develop a schedule suited to their needs while completing the requirements necessary to attain the degree. Students can choose to complete programs entirely through online courses or to develop a hybrid program which integrates both on campus and online courses.

  8. Rasmussen College

    Rasmussen College began in 1900 as a business school and has evolved into a comprehensive institution of higher learning offering 70 degree programs to a student body of more than 15,000 individuals. A leading provider of online degree programs, Rasmussen College offers flexible learning options to the busy working adult population who would otherwise be unable to accomplish their goals. Partnerships with other leading institutions of higher learning permit Rasmussen College students to pursue advanced degrees. Rasmussen College strives to equip their graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully attain responsible positions within their fields. Individualized programs and attention ensure each student receives the support and assistance needed. Eight separate start times for various programs and 24/7 technical and educational assistance provide further flexibility and support. Rasmussen College boasts a 98% employment success rate credited to the high esteem with which employers view their degrees.

    The regionally accredited degree programs in education offered at Rasmussen College provide graduates with the training and skills required to become leaders in the field of education. Students enrolled in the program are offered the opportunity to develop an area of specialization including early childhood education, special needs, english language learner or child and family studies The curriculum includes cognitive development and social and emotional development to ensure graduates are prepared to meet the needs of their students. Also included are the areas of health and safety, nutrition, implementing curriculum, developing an innovative learning environment and family theories and styles. Students are required to complete a 30 hour per week externship to comply with regulations. Required courses in the major include infant and toddler development, the exceptional child, emerging literacy through children’s literature, observing and promoting development in the early childhood classroom and success strategies.

  9. Keiser University

    Keiser University, in Florida, is a highly regarded institution by employers and the educational community. The success of their students is the central focus of Keiser University. Keiser University is committed to providing service to their community through various educational programs and to instilling the value of social responsibility within their graduates. At Keiser University, students are provided with a concentrated quality degree program for the most in demand careers which prepares them to become leaders in their profession. Courses are taken one at a time for the duration of four weeks to ensure students are afforded the time and focus necessary to successfully complete each class. The career focused curriculum ensures students are equipped with the knowledge and skills expected within the industry. Both on campus and online degree programs are available to students to accommodate the busy schedules of the working population. Keiser University is accredited by the Commission for Independent Education and has earned accreditation for the majority of the degree programs offered at the institution.

    The Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education provides students with a challenging curriculum in the foundational areas of teaching. Students receive training in educational assessment, classroom management, creating curriculum, and developing teaching strategies. Reading and literacy and English to Speakers of Other Languages is also incorporated into the program. Students learn to adapt teaching methods to meet the needs of a diverse student body, to utilize technology in the classroom setting and to monitor the progress of their students. The program requires students to complete 132 credits with 27 credits in core education courses including introduction to education, teaching diverse populations, technology in education, student development and learning principles and social foundations of education. A range of methods courses must be completed to meet the 30 credit requirement. Students are also required to complete an internship to acquire teaching experience in the field.

  10. University of Southern California Rossier School of Education Online

    The University of Southern California opened its doors in 1880 when Los Angeles was still frontier land. Beginning with only 53 students and ten teachers, USC has grown exponentially in the last 130 years. It now teaches students from 100 countries and all 50 states. The school added classes in education in the 1890s, the department of education was established in 1909, and in 1918, the department became a sub-school of USC. In 1998, the School of Education adopted the Rossier name after a generous donation from two of the school’s alumni. The University of Southern California’s mission is to develop society through the enrichment of the mind and spirit. They wish to help their students grow intellectually and spiritually, and the Rossier School of Education holds these values as standards. The mission of the school is to use collaborative and innovative solutions to improve learning in urban education. They teach teachers. The school is a reflection of diverse thoughts and experiences, and they prepare their students to be leaders in change. USC is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and the Rossier School of Education is a candidate for the joint accreditation of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (CTC/NCATE).

    The USC Rossier School of Education Online programs follow the same standards as the campus-based education. Students seeking an advanced degree in teaching worldwide benefit from the high-quality education offered by the Rossier School. Courses and programs are delivered through live class sessions, self-paced coursework, and field-based teaching practice. Real world experiences and a faculty of experienced instructors impart the knowledge and skills every teacher needs to put theory into practice. The USC Rossier Online offers the following degree programs for teachers: Master of Arts in Teaching; M.A. in Teaching with Teaching Credential; M.A. in Teaching, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL); Masters of Education in Advanced Instruction; M.E. in School Leadership; Special Education Credential; Gifted Education Certificate. Students of the USC Rossier School of Education Online can expect to earn a high-quality education that prepares them to be innovative leaders of change in the educational world.

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