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Top 10 Colleges For Real Estate Degree Programs for 2017

Regardless of where you live, a career in real estate requires substantial knowledge of the real estate market and finances, as well as a familiarity with zoning and tax laws, insurance, and mortgages and banking. Careers in a complex field like real estate demand a thorough understanding of finance, analytical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, which is why online real estate degree programs emphasize crucial business and finance concepts for real world application in the field. With the housing market not only stabilized since the Great Recession, but reaching record highs in 2015, earning an online real estate degree can be a bold move toward starting a career in the industry.

Graduates of real estate programs are highly sought after by employers for their negotiations, finance, and valuation skills, especially within the fastest-growing housing markets, currently in Colorado, New York, Illinois, Florida and West Virginia. Depending on their specialty, real estate professionals may work in a variety of business, finance, and investment-related fields.

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Though housing markets fluctuate according to economic health and vary from state to state, earning a real estate degree online remains a lucrative prospect for aspiring professionals anywhere who are interested in a dynamic career. The field of real estate is expected to grow slowly but steadily through 2024, with millennials, the country’s largest demographic group, entering prime working age and becoming heads of their own households over the next decade. Increased investment opportunities are also expected to affect employment for online real estate degree holders in the coming years. Businesses and individuals will likely seek out qualified real estate professionals to help them benefit from the advantages of the current economic market, including low interest rates and property prices. Like employers in the field, clients prefer candidates who earned their real estate degree online from a top ranked college or university, favoring a trained professional whose qualifications they can trust.

Below is the list of the top ranked real estate programs in the nation:

Starting A Career in Real Estate

Though each state has its own education requirements for professionals entering the field of real estate, graduates of an online real estate degree program may have the greatest access to advanced opportunities in their local or regional market. Many professionals aspiring to a career in real estate set their sights on becoming a real estate broker or sales agent, encompassing a unique combination of skills in sales, negotiation, finance, and investment concepts. Others who earned a real estate degree online in a particular specialization may be eligible for positions within the field that focus on acute aspects of home appraisals and assessments or real estate inspection, for example, among many options.

Those with an online master’s in real estate development or other advanced degree may be qualified for top positions and/or more sought-after listings as a real estate agent in the field. Real estate professionals in all U.S. territories must have current licensure in accordance with local laws in order to practice in their area. Some states may also require a degree as a condition of licensure for real estate jobs.

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