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The Best College Review Sites

Most students like to do their due diligence before selecting a college or university as their school. But it’s often hard to find the best sites to look for good college reviews. Depending on what you are looking for, we’ve put together a list of the best college review sites that we could find online.

StudentReview – This is the leading site for student reviews. Not all of the reviews are great but there are enough reviews for most schools so that you can get a good feel of what students think. Keep in mind that when a student reviews a college, the student is most likely motivated to do so and this can skew their perspective. But, if enough students think badly or positively about a school it can be enough information to form an opinion.

US News & World Reports – These are professional rankings which include lots of statistical information. The reviews aren’t always representative of what you care about, but they will help you pick from only the best.

College Reviews by Teens – Looking for reviews from your peers? College reviews by teens is a fantastic place to get real reviews from real people just like you.

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