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The 50 Best Blogs For Law Students

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Launching a career in the field of law and even criminology, or criminal justice can be daunting. Thankfully, there are many blogs on the subject written by people with experience. This list includes blogs that will guide you through the law school experience, from application to finding a job. There are also blogs that will entertain you along the journey. Law is a tremendously broad and deep topic, and there are fantastic blogs written on any law related subject you can imagine. This list is an attempt to collect of many of the most useful, interesting, funny and informative blogs out there, but is in no way all-inclusive.

Issues in Law

TaxProf Blog: One of the most popular of the Law Professor Blog Network, Paul L. Cardon’s incredibly thorough TaxProf Blog covers Tax Law issues and news.

The Volokh Conspiracy: This hugely popular group blog is named after one of its authors, Eugene Volokh, and covers a vast range of Legal issues, usually from a libertarian or conservative viewpoint.

Wallstreet Journal Law Blog: The Journal’s Law Blog is a mixture of business and law topics.

Professor Bainbridge: A journal about many topics written by a Corporate Law Professor.

Concurring Opinions: Twelve authors, along with frequent guest authors, write on a broad range of current law issues.

The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation: Information on Corporate Governance from the biggest name in American education.

Law Professor Blog Network: A comprehensive network with a blog with every type of law you can imagine.

Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog: This blog is tremendous source of information and ideas, written by the faculty of Marquette University.

Becker-Posner: Two experts – Gary Becker and Richard Posner – each give their own opinion on controversial issues.

Cato @ Liberty: The offical blog of the Cato Institute, a think tank based on the ideas found in Cato’s Letters, which discusses how a free society shold function.

SCOTUS Blog: This blog is dedicated to covering the U.S. Supreme Court in a comprehensive and unbiased way.

Point of Law: Mostly about the U.S. litigation system and sponsored by the Manhattan Institute.

The Legal Pulse: The Washington Legal Foundation’s blog about freedom, justice and democracy.

Groklaw: A self-described “experimental” blog that centers around issues in FOSS – Free and Open Source Software.

Legal Planet: A group blog about environmental law and policy.

CrimLaw: Written by a lawyer in Virginia, this blog explores issues of criminal law.

Balkinization: Balkanization, although named after one contributer, is a group blog with over 20 regular contributers. Topics are discussed with an academic slant, and multiple authors will often discuss the same issues.

Shilling Me Softly: A sometimes humorous blog with information about careers in law.

Legal Theory Blog: Lawrence B. Solum, a professor at University of Illinois, links to and discusses essays on legal topics.

Election Law Blog: Rick Hasen’s approprriately titled blog often has short posts with nothing but a link to an article of interest.

Blog Law Blog: Blog Law Blog (say that three times fast) takes on legal issues that face bloggers, such as copyright and intellectual property issues.

Sports Law Blog: Mostly legal issues that pertain to popular sports such as basketball, baseball, and football.

University of Chicago Faculty Blog: This Faculty blog has normal posts, debates, audio and video, and even a student blogging section.

Life of a Law Student: As the title implies, this blog is written by a Law School student and details the different issues that he is learning about. Also includes Podcasts.

Advice and Resources

Law School Expert: Ann Levine is the Law School Expert, a former director of admissions who guides students through the law school admission process.

The Careerist: A broad blog discussing the realities of a career in law.

The Lawyerist: Practical advice about law school and practice.

Wish I Would Have Known: Several law students use their hindsight to tell you what they wish they had known about the law school experience.

Law Cents: Tips on every aspect of life in the field of law, written practically about even seemingly mundane topics such as How to Dress in the Workplace.

JD2B: JD2B is an online social network of sorts for law students, and its blog aims to help the law student in an entertaining way.

Lighthearted or Humorous

PT-LawMom: A single mother tells a very personal story about dealing with divorce, dating, raising a child, working full time and attending law school.

Legal Geekery: This blog covers different topics in law and technology in a funny yet informative way.

Above the Law: Real topics are discussed with heavy doses of skepticism, humor and sarcasm. Highlights are the Morning Docket and Non-Sequitars, where the author collects interesting online articles, and has a witty line for each one.

Lowering the Bar: Hilarious and insightful law humor.

Namby Pamby, Attorney at Law: A practicing attorney makes light of his career to great comedic effect.

Butterflyfish: A well-written and funny personal blog by a young mother who recently graduated law school and began working.

Law and the Multiverse: This blog deals with the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book superhero stories.

Law and Technology, Society, and Culture

The Conglomorate: A broad range of topics are discussed, including business, law, economics, and society.

Feminist Law Professors: This blog specializes in feminist topics, and contains a list of self-identified feminist law professors.

Instructional Technology: This insightful blog discusses different types of internet technology that can be used in law school and beyond.

Mac Law Students: The writer makes the case that Macs should be the computers and gadgets for law school students.

Eric Goldman – Technology and Marketing Law Blog: The blog’s title is very accurate: Eric Goldman, a Law Professor in California, writes on issues of law that pertain to technology and marketing.

The Jurisdynamics Network: A series of blogs about different types of law, as well as a philosophical blog and a tech blog.

The Situationist: Explores the impact of sociology and psychology on legal issues.

Truth on the Market: A number of professors write with an academic, abstract slant on a number of subjects, such as law, business, and economics.

Michael Geist: Geist deals with current social and technological issues in law.


OverLawyered: A critique of the American legal system.

Law is Cool: A group blog targeted at Canadian Law Students.

Prawfs Blawg: Prawf Blawg covers a multitude of different topics, ranging from Web/Tech, Sports, and Film to Civil Procedure, Torts and International Law.

Subprime JD: A critique of higher education in general and law school in particular.

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