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At Advanced Colleges of America Online, adult learners, pre-health students, and pre-residency candidates can receive an education in medical assisting. Through career-bridge programs, students gain the skills they need to continue their education, healthcare career, or research endeavors. The curriculum enables students to learn through healthcare instructional methods and gain relevant skills through hands-on practical clinical experience. One of the things that makes ACA unique is that it provides students the chance to earn a hybrid education through online courses and clinical externships.

Programs Offered

At ACA, advanced medical assisting programs are offered for medical college and medical residency. When it comes to Advanced Medical Assisting programs, students can choose from three different tracks: the Medical Specialty Track, Medical College Track, and the Medical Residency Track. In the AMA – MST program, students can obtain advanced primary care specialization in the fields of family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics. The AMA – MCT program is designed for pre-med students who are considering going to medical school and want to make sure that they are on the right career path. Medical graduates looking to obtain a medical residency interview may want to consider the AMA-MRT program, which can increase their ability to impress U.S. medical residency admission committee members. ACA is the only college in California that has a BPPE-approved for advanced medical assisting program as well as medical specialty, medical college, and medical residency tracks focused Advanced Medical Assisting programs.


ACA is approved by the State of California Bureau of for Private Post-secondary Education and the National Center for Competency Testing, which provides NCCT certification to validate candidate competence. NCCT is an accredited certification program that is approved by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s National Commission for Certifying Agencies.


All applicants must meet ACA institutional eligibility requirements before being provisionally enrolled at in a program. These include being at least 18 years of age and having graduated high school. Applicants must submit proof of high school education in the form of a diploma, GED certificate, or high school proficiency examination, and those who have completed a post-secondary education must provide a notarized proof of a higher degree. In addition, prospective students applying for hybrid online education programs must achieve a minimum score on the ACA distance education questionnaire. Depending on area of study, there are also programmatic enrollment requirements that students must meet. These requirements include factors such as minimum GPA, previously earned college credit, amount of professional experience, exam results, and completed education.

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