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The Kansas Board of Regents consists of nine members who govern the state’s six universities and coordinate the state’s 32 public higher education institutions. The Board is also responsible for the administration of state-provided student financial aid and GED, adult education, and career and technical education programs. Public universities in Kansas include Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, Wichita State University, Emporia State University, Pittsburgh State University, and Washburn State University. The board also authorizes out-of-state and private proprietary institutions to operate in Kansas. The Kansas Board of Regents approved a 10-year strategic agenda for public higher education in Kansas titled Foresight 2020 with six strategic goals: align secondary and post-secondary education systems, achieve higher education participation that better reflects the state’s demography, improve retention and graduation rates in all higher education institutions, ensure foundational skills within higher education graduates, improve the Kansas economy through the higher education system, and enhance Kansas higher education’s reputation regionally and nationally.

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