Manchester Community College
Great Path, P.O. Box 1046, Manchester, CT 06045
Manchester, CT 06045
(860) 512-3000
Accrediting Agency:
New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Manchester Community College (MCC) is a public two-year college and technical school that confers associate degrees. The college was established in 1963, and today is one of the largest community colleges in Connecticut. MCC has an enrollment between 7,000 and 7,500 students during its fall and spring semesters. Its 450 faculty members collectively teach more than 40 academic disciplines. The college is also a participant in the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, which enables Connecticut students to enroll in multiple participating institutions at once as well as easily transfer credits between participating institutions.

Programs Offered

MCC offers certificates in addition to more than 75 associate degrees to students in subjects such as computer science, business, health care, general studies, human services, and the liberal arts and sciences. Interesting about MCC is that those who graduate from the community college are automatically accepted into Connecticut state universities. MCC also allows students to engage in distance education through its online programs. The college offers online credit and non-credit courses, typically in asynchronous form. Students access assignments, lecture notes, discussion forums, and the like through MCC’s Blackboard.


MCC became accredited by the New England Associate of Schools and Colleges about eight years after it opened its doors in 1963. In 2002, MCC’s accreditation was renewed for an additional 10 years.


MCC offers open admissions, meaning that students can apply at their leisure. Students have the option to apply via an online application as well as a physical application. MCC requires students to provide proof of high school or college graduation. They must also demonstrate that they have undergone immunization for measles and varicella (chickenpox). Along with students’ application, they must provide MCC with a non-refundable $20 application fee. Moreover, students must prove their county of residence for tuition rate purposes.


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