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How To Get The Best Financial Aid Package At College

The Seattle Times published a useful article outlining 10 steps to get the best financial aid package when going to college. The tips were both helpful and practical and we suggest that you read through the article if you are currently deciding which school to go to and trying to work out the financial aid situation:

Black Colleges The Best Bargains?

US News & World Report has a thought provoking piece on why Black Colleges might be the best bargains in higher education during this economy, especially as many have open enrollment for people of all races: But all of this may create an unprecedented opportunity for the HBCUs that have proved they can turn disadvantaged kids into stars at a comparatively low cost. Morehouse, for example, is attracting all kinds of applicants interested in a small private college education with … Read the Rest

How To Find Financial Aid In Tough Times

Have you heard of Sallie Mae? Sallie Mae was started in 1972 as a Government Sponsored Entity however by 2004 it has been privatized and is now a totally independent entity and its on the stock market but appears to be doing just fine even surrounded by all the chaos that has struck the rest of the economy. Sallie Mae®, the nation’s leading provider of student loans and administrator of college savings plans, has helped millions of Americans achieve their … Read the Rest

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