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The best places in the U.S. for college students

This article from MarketWatch discusses strong evidence for why location matters when choosing a college. The best location for college is going to have low cost of living but offer lots of opportunity. "I've talked to hundreds of seniors in college who have told me that they didn't realize how important college location was until they got to school. But...

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What Do You Look For In A College?

I am doing some research among high schoolers and mostly just trying to find out what people are looking for in a college. i am finding that it has less to do with location and more to do educational goals. In a tough economic time people are looking to specialize a lot more. When looking for colleges people are looking...

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What Do you look for in a college selection

Im remembering my days of college selection. I only applied to 4 colleges mostly regional schools of choice. Nothing high end even though I probably could have applied and been accepted to any school I wanted. Instead I selected a variety of  Rocky Mountain based smaller schools that I thought had potential. Western State College Fort Hays Community College University...

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