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Top 50 Pharmacy Technician Programs

With a constantly growing elderly population, there is a growing need for pharmacy technicians in the workforce. The field has a projected growth rate of 9%, which is faster than the national average. Technicians help maintain the medication profiles, assist pharmacists, organize file systems, and compound the medications. Most states require that pharmacy technicians be certified. They must pass the national certification exam and then register within the state they work. A traditional or online pharmacy technician education will provide … Read the Rest

The Top Online Master’s in Finance Degrees

A career in finance can offer opportunities in almost any industry. While the term may call to mind a career in banking or at an investment firm, most organizations of any size — and many individuals–require the services of a finance professional for accounting, investments, budget analysis, and much more. Whether you pursue a career as a personal financial advisor, a corporate CFO, a market research analyst, or a fundraiser, earning an online master’s in finance can qualify you for … Read the Rest

The Top Online Master’s in Human Resources Programs

Why Get a Master’s in Human Resources? Competent middle management is the lubricant that keeps a good machine of industry flowing, helping to keep staff and production in mutual harmony. It’s a growth industry, too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports different aspects of human resources adding jobs at average or faster than average rates, with compensation and benefits managers reaching the high end of the spectrum at a median salary of six figures. Acquiring a master’s in human resources … Read the Rest

Small Campuses with Big Alumni

Many college-bound students — and their parents — seek out acceptance at an Ivy league school as the key to their success in life. While it’s true that there are many reasons one might have their heart set on an Ivy League institution, choosing a school based solely on its name, previous alumni, or stature as your family’s alma mater cannot guarantee a success story for every student. In fact, some college admissions experts would argue that getting a great … Read the Rest

Top Dental Hygienist Schools

As an increasing number of links are made between oral health and overall health, the need for dental hygienists is also increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the professional outlook for dental hygienists is expected to grow a whopping 19% between 2014 and 2024 — much faster than the national average for any other profession. The typical entry level education for this field is an associate degree, although some students opt to earn their bachelor’s degree. A handful … Read the Rest

10 Popular Online Degrees for 2017

For many working adults, attending college full-time is not an option because they must continue to work while simultaneously pursuing a degree. With more and more individuals unable to conform to the requirements of a traditional program on campus, many schools now offer online programs with more flexible schedules and customization options. This is making online study an increasingly popular alternative for working adults striving to reach their academic and professional goals. Most working adults choose to pursue a degree … Read the Rest

The Best Colleges for STEM Degrees

Through methods such as grants, outreach programs, and specific recruiting strategies, several colleges strive to be a great fit for STEM students.

Top Online Video Game Design Degree Programs of 2017

Video games are a powerful cultural force and a multi-billion dollar global industry. Recent statistics show that 58% of Americans play video games, and video game sales topped $10.5 billion in 2009. This is good news for those interested in working in the video game industry as designers and programmers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering and related jobs are among the occupations expect to grow 22% over the next decade, meaning job prospects should be … Read the Rest

Top Online Master’s in Counseling Degree Programs of 2017

An online master’s in counseling can be a gateway to a lucrative and rewarding career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment opportunities for counselors will grow by 20 percent between now and 2024, far faster than the average growth in the industry. In addition, counselors can expect to earn an annual average income of between $40,000 and $70,000. Substance abuse counseling, in particular, is currently facing a massive shortage of practitioners in the U.S., which can lead to … Read the Rest

Top 8 Online Christian Colleges & Universities of 2017

For those seeking an online Christian education, the options can be overwhelming. As online education continue to grow in popularity and credibility, more and more Christian colleges and universities are offering online college degrees. Considering only those online Christian colleges and universities accredited by recognized and respected accrediting agencies, we investigated which online Christian schools were explicit about providing a biblically rooted, Christ-centered online education experience. From there, we relied on the following criteria to generate our rankings: student satisfaction … Read the Rest

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