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Top 3 Online Video Game Design Degree Programs of 2015

Video games are a powerful cultural force and a multi-billion dollar global industry. Recent statistics show that 58% of Americans play video games, and video game sales topped $10.5 billion in 2009. This is good news for those interested in working in the video game industry as designers and programmers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering and related jobs are among the occupations expect to grow 22% over the next decade, meaning job prospects should be … Read the Rest

Top 10 Online Master’s in Counseling Degree Programs of 2015

Counselors are in high demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for licensed professional counselors in every area of specialty are expected to grow at a faster than average rate over the next several years as job openings exceed the number of students graduating from counseling degree programs. Opportunities in certain counseling specialties such as substance abuse and behavioral disorders are expected to grow at a much higher than average rate. The Value of a Masters … Read the Rest

Top 10 Online Christian Colleges & Universities of 2015

For those seeking an online Christian education, the options can be overwhelming. As online education continue to grow in popularity and credibility, more and more Christian colleges and universities are offering online college degrees. Considering only those online Christian colleges and universities accredited by recognized and respected accrediting agencies, we investigated which online Christian schools were explicit about providing a biblically rooted, Christ-centered online education experience. From there, we relied on the following criteria to generate our rankings: student satisfaction … Read the Rest

The 12 Best Online MBA Degree Programs for 2015

Whether you are seeking a new career in business or are simply eager to climb the ladder in an already established career, earning an MBA may make good career and financial sense. According to a 2013 research survey by The Graduate Management Admission Council, the median base starting salary for an MBA graduate is $95,000. Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) of 2010 MBA graduates had jobs immediately upon graduation, with hiring prospects expected to improve even more in coming years. … Read the Rest

9 Best Colleges for Online Psychology Degrees in 2015

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for psychology related careers is expected to grow at a faster than average rate, making psychology degrees a worthwhile investment for the future. Some of the fastest growing opportunities available to psychology degree holders include positions in career counseling, special education, industrial and organizational psychology, genetics counseling and forensics investigation. More and more people are choosing to pursue college degrees online because of their greater flexibility and affordability. For … Read the Rest

Top 10 Online MHA and Healthcare Management Degree Programs of 2015

Healthcare has become one of the largest industries in America, generating some $1.7 trillion annually. With an increasing number of people in the industry expected to retire and a rapidly aging population overall, healthcare workers and administrators are expected to be in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the employment of medical and health services managers will increase at a faster than average rate over the next several years. The Value of a Master of Health … Read the Rest

Top 10 Online Communication & Public Relations Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Communication and public relations specialists play a vital role in shaping public opinion and behavior. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies all rely on people skilled in the arts of oral and written communication for their success and well-being. Communication and Public Relations Job Prospects With the emergence of multiple new media platforms (e.g. web sites, social networks, mobile applications) and a more global and interconnected marketplace, the demand for tech savvy communication and public relations specialists is growing. This … Read the Rest

Top 10 Online Schools for Computer Science Degrees in 2015

There are many good reasons to pursue a computer science degree these days, not the least of which is the job market’s growing demand for computer science graduates and the generous salaries for those with computer science degrees. More and more people are choosing to pursue computer science degrees online because of the greater flexibility and affordability found online. For someone looking to earn an online computer science degree, we’ve put together a list of the best online colleges and … Read the Rest

7 Best Online Communication and Public Relations Master’s Degree Programs of 2015

Now may be a good time to pursue a master’s degree in communications and public relations. With the emergence of multiple new media platforms (e.g. web sites, social networks, mobile applications), and a more global marketplace, the demand for tech-savvy communications and public relations specialists continues to expand. According to a 2014 report from the BLS, “Employment of public relations specialists is expected to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022, about average for all occupations.” According to the same … Read the Rest

Top 10 Online Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) Degree Programs of 2015

A career in criminal justice allows people to engage in meaningful work that helps keep their communities safe and secure. There are numerous career opportunities within the field to choose from. Depending on your specialization, degree holders can pursue a career as a corrections officer, criminologist, FBI agent, DEA agent, police officer, crime scene investigator, private investigator or a U.S. marshal. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects in criminal justice related fields range from favorable to excellent. Value … Read the Rest

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