Top 10 Best Online MBAs Under $50,000 for 2017

Top Online SchoolsOnline MBA degree programs continue to increase in popularity as more high quality schools develop online programs in response to the increasing number of professionals looking for ways to achieve the economic benefits of an MBA without having to sacrifice years of income and family life. For many of these people, the financial cost of an online degree is an important consideration. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best online MBA degree programs under $50,000 from schools in Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Maryland. With these programs, professionals can earn an MBA while maintaining their jobs and family commitments, and without breaking the bank along the way. All of these programs are among the very best online MBA programs in the world and are taken from our more extensive ranking of the overall top 25 online MBA degree programs. These programs have been analyzed and ranked according to their perceived prestige (awards, rankings, reputation), academic quality, and affordability.

#1. The University of Florida, Hough Graduate School of Business (Gainesville, FL)

Rankings #1 Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #1 (tie) Distance Learning MBA, The Economist (2010); #2 U.S. Best Value MBA, Financial Times (2011); #9 Recruiter’s Choice, Wall Street Journal (2010); #28 Business School, U.S. News & World Report (2011).

Program In addition to the standard two year program, the Internet MBA comes in an accelerated 16 month format for those with an undergraduate business degree earned in the last seven years. Both programs require one weekend campus visit per four month term.

Tuition $47,150 for standard program, $41,400 for accelerated. Books, room, board, and travel are not included with tuition, but all students receive an Apple iPad.

#2. The University of Maastricht, School of Business (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Rankings #2 (tie) Distance Learning MBA, The Economist (2010); #6 Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #20 Online MBA, Financial Times (2010).

Program The Euro*MBA is a two-year program collaboratively offered by six of the top business schools and universities in Europe, drawing a global student body and faculty. The program is administered by University of Maastricht Business School in the Netherlands. Special focus on European business and management focus. A four day orientation and six residential weeks in various European locations required.

Tuition EUR 26,500=~$36,069. Covers all course materials and tutoring. Required international travel and boarding (EUR 800-900/$1088-1224 a week) not included.

#3. Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business (Phoenix, AZ)

Rankings #10 Best Value MBA in U.S., BusinessWeek (2011); #12 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #13 Business School, Wall Street Journal (2010); #27 Business School, U.S. News & World Report (2010).

Program The Online MBA at ASU is a two year degree and uses the same curriculum and faculty as  the on-campus MBA. Students are assigned to cohort and proceed one course at a time, allowing for more in-depth focus. Emphases are available in Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. Only one campus visit required.

Tuition$48,000. Includes books, room, and board.

#4. The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School (Manchester, UK)

Rankings #5 Best Return on Investment, Forbes (2009); #11 Global MBA, Financial Times (2010); #15 Best MBA’s, MBA Career Guide (2009); #16 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #61 Global MBA, The Economist (2010).

Program The Online Global MBA is normally completed in 3-5 years, with an accelerated 2 year option also available. Specializations in Finance, Engineering, Construction, Sport and Major Events. Face-to-face induction course at Manchester or another global location required, followed by two intensive face-to-face sessions every six months. Three electives for individual tailoring.

Tuition 22000 Pounds=~$35490. Does not include books, room, board, or travel costs.

#5. The Florida State University, College of Business (Tallahassee, FL)

Rankings #8 Best Online College, The Best Colleges (2011); #17 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #32 Best Buy Online MBA, GetEducated (2010); #75 MBA Program, U.S. News & World Report (2011).

Program The Online MBA at Florida State is a 28 month program with specializations in Marketing, Management Information Systems, Real Estate, Risk Management and Insurance. No campus visits required.

Tuition $20,656 in state/$45,277 out of state. Does not include books. Some out of state students qualify for special tuition supplement that will cover out-of-state costs, bringing tuition down to the in-state level.

#6. The University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Management (Amherst, MA)

Rankings #6 Part-Time MBA (Northeast), BusinessWeek (2009); #9 Greatest Opportunities for Women, Princeton Review (2011); #13 Best Online College, The Best Colleges (2011); Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education, Sloan Consortium (2005); #18 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011).

Program The Online MBA allows students to take as few or as many courses per semesters as desired and is typically completed in 2.5-5 years. Courses are asynchronous and taught by the same faculty as the on-campus business MBA. Three electives allow for some tailoring of degree. No campus visits are required, though students can take “live” courses if live near a UMass sattelite campus.

Tuition $27930. Books not included.

#7. Oklahoma State University, Spears School of Business (Stillwater, OK)

Rankings #2 Best Buy Online MBA, GetEducated (2010); #21 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #89 Business School, U.S. News & World Report (2010).

Program OSU’s Distance Learning MBA is a 36-48 credit hour program with 15 credit hours of electives. There are no required residencies or campus visits, but a mix of online and on-campus courses is an available option.

Tuition $14,832 resident/$37,152 non-resident. Books not included.

#8. The University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Business (San Antonio, TX)

Rankings #1 Best Business Schools for Hispanics, Hispanic Business Magazine (2009); #22 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); #28 Flex MBA, BusinessWeek (2010); #31 Best Value MBA, GetEducated (2009); Excellence in Distance Learning, U.S. Distance Learning Association (2001).

Program The MBA Online in General Management is UTSA’s version of the University of Texas Consortium Online MBA, which pools together faculty and resources of eight UT-system schools. The degree is self paced, taking 2-5 years to complete. Students may take as many or as few classes a semester and can even can step out of program for up to 2 years without having to reapply. Students can also switch back and forth between full-time and part-time. No campus visits required.

Tuition ~$14,000 resident/~$36,000 non-resident. Books not included.

#9. Colorado State University, College of Business (Fort Collins, CO)

Rankings #15 Best Online Colleges, The Best Colleges (2011); #23 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); Top 40 Online MBA, Princeton Review (2010); #41, Best Buy Online MBA, GetEducated (2009).

Program The Distance MBA comes in two year and four year formats, with up to five years allowed for completion. Both formats require summer courses. Though identical to the on-campus degree, no thesis, final project, or comprehensive exam is required. Four credits of electives allowed and a certificate in finance may be earned with some additional course work. No residency or campus visits required.

Tuition$26,800. Books not included.

#10. University of Maryland University College, Graduate School of Management & Technology (Adelphi, MD)

Rankings #24 Best Online MBA Degree Program, The Best Colleges (2011); Outstanding eLearning Program Award (Online MBA), Instructional Technology Council (2010); Distance Program of the Year (Online MBA), IMS Global Learning Consortium (2009); Most Outstanding Online Teaching & Learning Program Award (Online MBA), Sloan Consortium (2005).

Program The Online MBA is a two year program administered in cohort format. Several dual degree options are available. No campus visits are required.

Tuition $29,148. Books not included.

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