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The Best 25 History Blogs of 2017

History is the study of the past, often with an eye toward how it can help us understand the present and the future.

Many professional and amateur historians have blogs where they share history-related reflections, news, interviews, book reviews, images, and more. These blogs can serve as a useful introduction to the various areas of historical study, as well as a way to stay current in the field and meet other history buffs.

Below are our picks for the 25 most interesting and useful history blogs of 2017 in alphabetical order. Aspiring historians, established professionals, and curious learners will all find something worthwhile on this list. Only blogs active in 2017 were considered for inclusion.

American Creation – A fascinating, argumentative group blog exploring the history of America’s founding, with a particular emphasis on the religious dimension.

American Presidents Blog – Three history teachers blog interesting facts about the history of American presidents.

Quodlibeta – Opinionated, stimulating posts on the intersection of science, religion, and history from a group of Christian historians and philosophers.

Blog Them Out of the Stone Age – An American war historian brings a broad perspective to the history of warfare and raises provocative questions about war and education.

Civil Warriors – A group blog focusing mainly on the American civil war, but making many interesting, thoughtful detours into the craft  of constructing and teaching history itself.

Ether Wave Propaganda – An intellectually challenging and stimulating blog on the history of science and technology.

Frog in a Well: China – Interesting news and commentary on Chinese history and current events from a group of historians of China.

Frog in Well: Korea – Interesting news and commentary on Korean history and current events from a group of historians of Korea.

Got Medieval – A Yale graduate student of Medieval history discusses all things Medieval with wit, humor, and panache.

History Unfolding – In-depth analysis of current events from the perspective of an American political and criminal historian.

Informed Comment – Well-developed and thoughtful commentary on the Middle East, history, and religion from a University of Michigan history professor.

Mulhlberger’s World History – A professor of history provides insightful news, commentary, and discussion on ancient, medieval, Islamic, and world history.

Past is Present – The American Antiquarian Society shares and discusses fascinating pieces from their vast archive of printed materials from early British North America.

Philobiblon – Thoughtful takes on women’s history, politics, science and books from a decidedly feminist perspective.

Points -  Members of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society offer “short and insightful writing about a long and complex history,” as well as fascinating interviews and book reviews.

Religion in American History – An expansive and engaging group blog looking at religion in American history and culture.

Sean’s Russia Blog – Insightful commentary on Russian history, culture, and politics from a history professor at Northern Illinois University.

Sparta – The official blog of one of the leading journals of ancient Spartan and Greek history offers interesting news, insights, and recommendations on the subject.

A Student of History – Thoughtful reflections, news, and reviews from an American military historian focusing especially on the Civil War, but also engaging broader questions of historical method and education.

Time to Eat the Dog – A historian of exploration shares interesting reflections, news, and commentary on the history and place of exploration in science and culture.

U.S. Intellectual History – Engaging and interesting thoughts, reviews, and news from members of the Society for US Intellectual History.

The Victorian Peeper – Fascinating images and commentary on Victorian-era England from a historian of 19th century Britain.

World War II History – Interesting daily news, images, and podcasts on the history of the Great War from a historian and WWII memorabilia collector.

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