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Top 50 Statistics Blogs of 2017

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the interpretation of data. Statisticians work in a wide variety of fields in both the private and the public sectors and can be found anywhere - Nevada, Washington, New Hampshire, Louisiana. They are teachers, consultants, watchdogs, journalists, designers, programmers, and by in large, ordinary people like you and me. And some...

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Redefining College Readiness

Your GPA, AP scores, and SAT scores may traditionally define your level of college readiness, but how much does that actually say about what your performance will be like after high school?

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Top 40 Video Game Design Blogs of 2017

The popularity of video games has exploded in the past two decades, going from the pastime of a few, to a culture for many, to a multi-billion dollar global business industry that continues to grow at an astounding pace. Gamers are everywhere - West Virginia, South Dakota, North Carolina - so no matter where you live, you can access a...

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