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15 University Hashtags All Over Twitter

Twitter users either love or hate those hashtags, but no matter the criticisms levied against them, hashtags certainly provide comparatively quick, easy access to discussions about the hottest topics of the moment whether they be the most beautiful campuses, colleges in Texas, popular online degrees, business and entreprenuership blogs, top psychology blogs or top history blogs. Because social media is now an integral part of the lives of college-age students, colleges and universities hope to attract users as well as strengthen their own campus communities by reaching out online. Some naturally perform better than others when it comes to hot # action, setting a precedent for how to do Twitter right. Popularity fluctuates based on factors like sports (OK, football), scandals, and other news items, but for the most part, the best of the best remain largely consistent.

  1. University of Michigan:

    University of Michigan eagerly offers up five officially recognized hashtags for use with various subjects: #UMich, #GoBlue (which wound up painted on their football field in 2012), #UMichArts, #UMSocial, #UMInstagram. The most popular of these remains #UMich, which has generated well over 31,500 impressions thus far.

  2. Marquette University:

    Golden Eagles past, present, and future boast roughly 100 hashtags dedicated to discussing all things Marquette (though some, like #FF, hit globally), including coursework, sports, news, trivia, a Foursquare war, and obviously plenty more. Perhaps unsurprisingly to athletics buffs, the chat devoted to basketball (#MUBB) brings in the most impressions, with 80,790 so far and 52,683 Twitter users engaged in the previous 24 hours as of this writing.

  3. #NotreDame and #HeIsManti:

    Probably owing to the whole Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend fiasco, University of Notre Dame certainly started surging in the Twitter trend feed (50 tweets in 44 minutes at the time of this writing). But even before that, it harnessed social media to build up hype about its now-disgraced linebacker using #HeIsManti. Now largely an extremely popular repository for jokes about ladies who do not exist, it originally boasted 11,201 positive uses not even a week into its launch.

  4. Stanford University:

    Considered the most influential college on Twitter, with a Klout score (we know, we know!) of 93, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone whatsoever that Stanford boasts more than a few recognized and unofficial hashtags to its name. Although #GoStanford picks up around game time (of course), the most popular seems to be straight-up #Stanford, which earned 170 tweets in the span of 24 hours and reached an estimated 333,907 accounts.

  5. #UMN:

    Although #LightUMN is recommended as the official hashtag for discussing news with the main Twitter account, #UMN’s ability to reach 43,118 users in 24 hours with only 41 uses edges out its lesser-viewed contemporary. University of Minnesota exists as one of the most well-connected colleges taking advantage of social media, so be sure to scope out more “obscure” tags their other departments might wield.

  6. #Syracuse:

    Often touted as one of the most influential colleges on Twitter (and, of course, one of the most social media-savvy institutes of higher learning out there), Syracuse University’s massive presence (351 tweets and 430,014 impressions in 24 hours? Not bad!) on the microblog site sometimes ends up newsworthy. From basketball game coverage to a very public misunderstanding embarrassing rapper Nicki Minaj, both the school itself and the student body are pretty active on the higher ed social media scene.

  7. #Baylor:

    Consistently praised as running one of the most effective college social media campaigns, Baylor University’s #Baylor crushes all other hashtags its students, faculty, staff, and fans post. Within the past 24 hours, for example, it popped up 110 times, inspired 119,743 impressions, and reached 98,600 tweeps.

  8. #studystrong:

    Admittedly, this official hashtag for University of Wisconsin – Madison only manages to gain momentum during exam weeks, but #Badgers brings in followers from beyond the campus. All the same, though, #studystrong left a major impact on students once the library started using it, resulting in real-life applications with those ubiquitous rubber bracelets and even pizza parties.

  9. #Northwestern:

    They may prefer fans chat with #B1gCats because of the more diminutive size, but football season or not, #Northwestern still better represents the eponymous university. Over the past 24 hours, it spawned a total of 107 tweets and reached 106,653 accounts, leaving over 149,300 impressions.

  10. #UT:

    Once again, football season tends to hold quite an influence over what colleges do and do not wind up trending, though University of Texas at Austin consistently earns accolades for its warm embrace of social media. #UT consistently outperforms #HookEm, despite the latter’s appearance on the official feed, because the acronym stands for other things (it seems to be super popular in Japan).

  11. #OCisHome:

    While less popular (2 tweets in 24 hours, 5,592 followers and impressions) than most of the other hashtags listed here, the official Twitter gathering place for Oklahoma Christian University still deserves mention. For one thing, it provides a comparatively more intimate and supportive discussion experience than the more bloated counterparts. So while it may not be “all over” in the same sense as larger schools, the tag deserves special attention for being pretty much exactly what a college- or university-affiliated chat should look like.

  12. #Harvard:

    The Ivy League juggernaut always seems to pop up on listings about college and universities doing Twitter right, and lately some bizarre science news propelled #Harvard to immense popularity. Largely because of an internet rumor involving a professor seeking a surrogate mother to carry a Neanderthal child, 5,035,060 impressions hit 3,498,757 followers with “only” 503 posts; once the hype simmers down, the numbers might decline.

  13. #AmericanU:

    Nationally known for its active and influential social media club (which started out as the now-inactive #smcedu), it makes sense that American University would enjoy something of a notable Twitter presence, with #AmericanU the trendier hashtags of the few they use. Over the past 24 hours, 58 tweets managed to reach 29,336 followers, which isn’t too bad for a relatively small (over 6,000 undergrads) private liberal arts school.

  14. #MIT:

    It makes sense that one of the most plugged-in campuses in the world (with its own social media organization and blog, naturally) would boast quite the Twitter presence. #MIT, the hashtag most representative of the legendary Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was used 301 times within the past 24 hours and led to almost 342,500 impressions.

  15. #GWU:

    Back in ’09, George Washington University’s faculty and staff proved some of the most Twitter-friendly of all higher ed institutions, and the school remains pretty popular on the site. With 799,124 impressions spread out over 416 tweets in 24 hours, it shows little sign of completely letting go of its social media legacy.

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